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  • Wings Avianics

    Thanks alot. The ebay link looks great, due to all of our items not having a price but a phone number with note to call or e-mail for info. we have few sales on our site. however, we have experienced "alot" of sales, bench work, installs, you name it. it took a year but this time of year we are normally cutting hours we are actually 2-3 months behind on bench work, 3 months behind on installs, and surplus sales are thru the roof. we are very happy with our site and having rotating pictures of garmin on our home page has allowed us to qualify for thousands of dollars in coop money that has normally slipped thru our hands, thanks so much, we are very happy with the results of our website.

    Scott, Wings Avianics, Inc.
  • Complete Traveller Antiquarian Bookstore

    Our previous host (I'm sure he wants to be anonymous) convinced us to take a long and spelling intensive name ( They created a nice but search engine unfriendly intro flash. The website had a quite nice design, but that was really it. A bunch of text, nice pictures and a couple of our rare books were listed no shopping basket. There were several severe spelling mistakes that were produced by this website design company/host. Once we wanted to change our store's opening times (a two minute task) and were charged 25 bucks. Alltogether we spent several thousand Dollars for the roughly two years of hosting and didn't sell one single book. The SEO attempts that this hosting company was providing through a third party software was totally for the birds.

    That changed drastically when we switched to Chrislands. For roughly $ 120.-- a year (not including the domain name) we have a website with shopping baskets and lots of features and 100% compatibility to Booktrakker. The best thing is that we can change and add pages as much as we want. Also we get competent personal support. Now we are getting orders and are very pleased. Overall the website is more cost effective than any other third party website (Abe, Biblio, ZVAB) that we are selling books on.

    Stefan Baer, Complete Traveller Antiquarian Bookstore
  • Infinity Books Japan

    Thank you for all your help and patience over the past couple of years.

    A very happy customer,

    Nick, The Staff of Infinity Books
  • Grenadier Books

    To the Chrislands Team:

    ..let me congratulate you on your 5 year anniversary. I've had my Chrislands site for over 2 years and have appreciated the professional yet personal service I've received.

    Tom Primrose, Grenadier Books
  • Ravenroost Books

    Happy Anniversary to you, Chrislands Team!

    And a heartfelt thank you for always being there, not only to set new stores up quickly and painlessly, but to keep them up and running, updated and bolstered with ongoing special features, and always alive and present to the search engines of the internet. Our store has been a part of the Chrislands group since your second year, and it has been by far our best business investment.

    Susan, Ravenroost Books
  • Texas Star Books

    Hi, Lance, Jaymes, et al - congratulations on five years of excellent website design and service. We have found our site a pleasure to work with, and the few times we've had questions or problems, responds with answers promptly.

    Sue and Gary Fox, Texas Star Books
  • Poor Man's Books

    Lance and the Chrislands team are incredibly helpful as well as proactive in improving their site. Support is fast, accurate and pleasant. They have set up Google, Propay and Yahoo feeds included in the incredibly low monthly fee. They accept graphics and will host them as well!

    The service is flexible and seamless in its operation. Downtime does not exist. This is unquestionably the premier private book selling site available to vendors.

    Email support issues are usually rectified for you with no effort on your part other than describing what you want.

    I can hardly find enough superlatives to praise this work of art. If you are not already a Chrislands subscriber I can only say to you- do it now!

    Sincerely yours

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