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Email and Keywords

Your New Email

I know it has only been a couple of weeks since I last talked to you but I have some information I want to share about the new email system. I will be ready to implement this system on October 1, 2013 just as I mentioned.

It is almost ready. We have two things left to do, test it and write some documentation. As for testing, ChrisLands will be running our own email through this new system for the rest of the month. We will test for stability and fix any errors we encounter.

This new system has the following features:

  • IMAP Connection (manage emails from multiple devices)
  • POP3 Connection (pull emails with email clients)
  • Secure Login
  • Browser Based Webmail
  • Webmail for Mobile Browsers
  • Two Layers of SPAM and Virus Protection
  • Reply to emails through ChrisLands' email server

This might also be an opportunity for some of you to save some money each month. Since ChrisLands provides email as part of your service, if you are using another email provider (and paying fees for that), you may choose to switch to ChrisLands email server. Hey it is an option.

Below are some screenshots of the webmail. Please forgive the design, hopefully as I have more time I can customize it more, maybe even find a way to brand it for your specific store. But that is for a later date. There are more important priorities right now to work on.

You can click the images below to see larger views. This will open the larger picture in a new browser/browser tab.

Webmail Page Views

  • ChrisLands' webmail system login. Login
  • ChrisLands' webmail inbox view Inbox
  • ChrisLands' webmail reply page Write Email
  • ChrisLands' webmail contact page Contacts Page
  • ChrisLands' webmail vacation settings Vacation Settings
  • ChrisLands' webmail settings page Webmail Contacts Page

Mobile Page Views

I want to clarify this. The mobile webmail is for your tablets and mobile phone web browsers. It is not a phone or tablet app. It is just streamlined for mobile internet browsers. Open your mobile Internet browser, enter the address to the email server and the images below is what you will see.

  • ChrisLands' webmail mobile login Login
  • ChrisLands' webmail mobile inbox Inbox
  • ChrisLands' webmail mobile read email Read Email
  • ChrisLands' webmail mobile reply Reply
  • ChrisLands' webmail mobile contacts Contacts
  • ChrisLands' webmail mobile settings Settings

One Change Required

I tried my best to configure this new mail server so that there will be no need for you to make any changes on your end. Unfortunately there is one issue that I cannot resolve and will require some of you to make a change.

This is important!

Do not change anything yet. Please read on.

If you now use an email client such as Outlook, Windows Mail, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Eudora, etc, or an Internet based email system (hotmail, gmail, etc) to POP your emails from ChrisLands servers, you will have to change your username for your account.

Right now the email system requires that you specify your username with a percent sign (%) such as:


This will change to specifying your username with the At (@) sign, such as:


As an actual example, when we POP ChrisLands' email from the server our username for [email protected] is specified as When we switch, we will have to update our email clients to specify the username as [email protected] Basically the email address also becomes the username.

That is the only change you will have to make to keep operating as usual. Of course if you want to make other changes that are optional, that is up to you.

If all your email addresses simply forward to another email address (such as to gmail, hotmail, etc), you will not have to make any changes at all.

Again if you are currently popping emails from ChrisLands' servers, do not change your username for your email client yet. We will provide more details as we get closer to October 1st.

Your Keywords

Recently I've been asked for advice on getting a good listing on search engines. First, I do not claim to be an expert. However, I have done some research and almost all my research indicates the importance of the keywords you use in the content of your site.

Here is my response (edited) that I sent. I thought I would share it with everyone.

Getting a good listing on a search engine has a lot to do with content and keywords. Your keywords should be as unique to you and your products as possible. For instance, the keywords "used books" would not be unique as there are many using that same keyword combination. Put some thought it into what you want to use for your keywords. I would look at a few keywords, or keyword phrases that:

  • Are as unique as possible to you and your product
  • Are keywords you think your clients would use to search for you.

I suggest at least 3 keyword combinations.

Then use those keywords/keyword phrases as often as you can throughout the content of your site. In your Meta Tags, in your page content, in lists on your page content, and as a strong keyword.

Say your keywords are "William Shakespeare".

In your Meta Tags (description, title, keywords) make sure William, Shakespeare, and William Shakespeare appear.

You can edit your Meta/Title in the left menu of the first page of your store's admininistration.

Then use "William Shakespeare" in as many paragraphs on as many pages as you can find and that makes sense. Use them in the content of these paragraphs. Highlight them a few times using the HTML <strong> tag for emphasis.

<strong>William Shakespeare</strong>

Then use them in an HTML <ul> list if possible.

<li>William Shakespeare</li>
<li>Something Else</li>
<li>More else</li>

You can manually add these types of entries using the HTML Source button (lower right) of the page editor.

I have read that simply listing a bunch of keywords on your weg pages (not used in the content of your paragraphs) may actually hurt your placement in search engines. This is considered "keywords spamming" by search engines. So please keep that in mind.

The following lists are a couple of items I believe help in search engine placement, but do not know if they are true. Let me say that again, I do not know if these are true. To me, they just make sense.

  • The longer your site is up the better your placement. Time works in your favor.
  • Updating the content of your web pages periodically keeps it fresh. This shows activity on your site.

I sent links to old newsletters a couple of weeks ago. I talk about keywords in these newsletters as well. Here they are again.

As I said in my last newsletter, this Internet stuff takes some work. It is not magic, even if it feels like magic, it is not. The more effort on your part the better the returns. That is my belief.

Please keep in mind that we have no control over how listings are found in search engines. They have their own algorithms for results and these algorithms are closely guarded. They are not public knowledge. If someone tells you they know them I'd be very suspect of that.

The Race Promotion

Hey hey hey! This month I have made changes to save some of you money on storage fees. Next month some of you may change your email service to our new email system which may also save some of you even more money. I also do not intend to change monthly service fees, no plans for that!

Now I'm asking for your help getting out the word.

Don't forget about The Race to 2014 Promotion, earn some credit towards your monthly service fees and possibly an additional bonus if we reach some of our goals! Check it out again at:

The Race to 2014 Promotion

The Race Bonus

I really could use your help and thank you so much for anything you can do!

It is Fall!

Geez, I cannot make any of these short. Can I?

One final thing, recently and unfortunately, I have had to close stores for lack of payment on their monthly service fees. I hate doing this but ChrisLands cannot afford to keep resources tied up for stores that are not current. I would rather spend my time and effort on current stores. I just want to say, thank you to all of you who help me continue to help you!


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