ChrisLands Inc Newsletter
New Development at ChrisLands


Phil has been at it again and so it is time to update everybody.

Here we go!



Phil has developed a method to assign sales prices to items in a certain category.  To use this new feature go to:


Login -> Administration -> Inventory -> Sale By Product Category


One trick we have already discovered.  If you want to put certain books on sale but they are in various categories, create a new category (such as Sale), assign those books to that new category and create the sale price for that category.



Do you know that you can download your customer's information from your ChrisLands' store?  Yes you can.  To get your shoppers' information, including email addresses, do the following:


Login -> Administration -> Shoppers -> Download Shoppers


This will send an email to your store's email address with an attached Zip file.  You will need a Zip utility to uncommpress the file.  Windows Explorer has it built in.  The file is a comma seperated file that you can open with most spreadsheet programs such as Excel.


We suggest you email your customers occasionally, maybe tell them about new books, sales, or you could include a new coupon code for some special discount.


Unfortunately we do not offer any newsletter service (the risk of getting blocked for spam is too great), but we do recommend Constant Contact for your newsletter requirements.  You can visit them here:


Constant Contact



I've harped about keywords in the past but here I go again.  I've received questions from several store owners about why if they do a search for "so and so" on a search engine their store does not come up in the first few pages of the search results.


So I go and look at their store and the "so and so" search terms they used are words not on their website, and especially not on their homepage.  Of course, their site is not going to be found in the first few pages of search results.


So I am going to relay something I heard from a Search Engine Optimization fellow who called me.  I have no idea if this is important or the quality of work he does, but he seemed to think that this little tidbit of information was important, so here it is.  Take it with a grain of salt.


This fellow stated that the best use of keywords are keywords that are in the title of your browser, in the META tags (keywords and description), and also appear several times on the page content of your site.  The same keyword(s) in all four locations will have a higher priority when being indexed by search engines or so he implied.


When we build a store we supply a default Title, META Keywords, Meta Description, and usually some homepage content.  We highly recommend you edit these areas to suite your situation and so they contain keywords that pertain to you and your store.


You can edit your Title and Meta tags in your store administration by:


Login -> Administration -> Meta/Title (left menu)


Of course you can edit your page content in that same area of administration click on any page title in the left menu to open the editor for that page's content.


Think hard about the keywords that are unique to you, the more unique your keywords the better.  Also be cautious not to use these keywords out of context.  Simply listing keywords might be considered "spamming" by search engines and that could hurt instead of help your placement. 


If you follow this advice do not expect for your placement to improve overnight (if that fellow is right).  It takes time for sarch engines to update their indexes, I've heard weeks.


A note about adding Meta tags.  If you have a Meta tag that we do not provide that you want to add, such as a google validation Meta tag, that looks like:


<meta name="google-site-verification" content="someLongSTringofStuff" />


Our entry system provides two entry fields, Meta Tag and Meta Content, so when you add it the form should look like:


Meta Tag:  google-site-verification

Meta Content: someLongSTringofStuff


You do not paste the entire Meta tag provided into one or the other field.


Finally, keywords in the content of your pages and in your item descriptions ARE important. 



I just want to point out two sites for adding your content to local maps. 


Google Maps


Click the link: put your business on Google Maps


And Yahoo Local click the link Add a Business at the bottom of the page.


Give it a try, it certainly cannot hurt.


Please forgive me if you see any mistakes in this newsletter. I wrote fast and furiously to get it done.  I always have so much to say........


Jaymes Sorbel
Chrislands Inc