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ChrisLands' Story

The First Age

The story of started in 1999 when Lance Christen and Jaymes Sorbel began two years researching the online used book selling market. Lance, with a background in business administration, focused his research on the business aspects of the online used book market and Jaymes, with computer science experience, focused his research and work on developing a website application specifically for selling used books.

As Lance researched the business portion of the online used book market Jaymes researched the development of an online store that catered specifically to used book sellers. Jaymes found scores of services and software packages that offered general-purpose types of stores. The only services Jaymes found building book specific web sites were charging hundreds or thousands of dollars to build an online bookstore.

In 1999 - 2001, two thousand dollars to develop an online used bookstore was not an exorbitant price. It could take a software programmer several weeks to build a store tailored to sell used books. Software programmers were building bookstores from scratch and each bookstore that was being built was a brand new creation.

Jaymes embarked on the development of software that was tailored specifically for online used book selling but that could be easily copied and used repeatedly. It must also have the flexibility to offer booksellers the capability to edit the content, color, and character of the store making it possible for the bookseller to individualize his or her store. At the same time Lance completed all the necessary incorporation and business setup requirements.

ChrisLands was launched in May 2001.

Lance and Jaymes worked extremely hard, what seemed like night and day, with an intense dedication to make ChrisLands the right choice for booksellers now and far into the future. ChrisLands garnered a lot of respect for its services, its pricing, and for its outstanding customer support.

How did we get the name Lance and Jaymes asked each other "what do you want to name the company" and both basically responded with "I don't know". Prior to this Jaymes had purchased the domain name hoping to do something with it for his children, Christina and Landry. Lance and Jaymes figured since they already had the domain name that ChrisLands was just as good a name as any other. That is how the name ChrisLands was chosen.

Chrislands' New Logo, May 2013, reflects this decision.

Christina and Landry equals ChrisLands

The Second Age

At the end of 2007, the time seemed right for a change. At this time Lance and Jaymes entered negotiations with to explore the possibilities of a partnership. This expanded to other discussions and, consequently, acquired ChrisLands in April 2008.

ChrisLands' tenure with was very productive. ChrisLands acquired a new developer, added many new features, the ChrisLands team learned many lessons, and much more.

In early 2013, it became apparent that it was time for another change. In the first months of that year, AbeBooks and Jaymes started discussing how to best serve the ChrisLands' community. They came to the conclusion that ChrisLands needed to be independent. By being independent, ChrisLands can be flexible and provide the service ChrisLands' store owners deserve.

The Third Age

As a result of the discussions in early 2013, AbeBooks sold ChrisLands back to Jaymes on April 30, 2013 and ChrisLands intends to continue to have a long, amicable and cooperative relationship with AbeBooks.

Since, at the time of this writing, it is only May 1, 2013 there is not much more to add at the moment. However, we do want to add that in May 2013 we started a major overhaul to the entire system to capitalize on all the latest technologies, improve all current features, and adding much more. At the same time, ChrisLands started a major push to find and hire more team members.

Our promise to ChrisLands' store owners - we will always strive to be The Man in the Arena!

We here at cannot wait to add more to our Third Age!

The Current Age, Updated: June 30, 2014

It has been just over a year since we bought ChrisLands back and in this time we have not been taking it easy. We have been hard at work adding new features and new services on a regular basis. In just the last 14 months we have completed the following:

  • September 2013, increased storage allowances.
  • September 2013, moved to new (cheaper) office.
  • October 2013, upgraded email system.
  • November 2013, added category listing options (new and featured items)
  • November 2013, added recently viewed items.
  • December 2013, added ability to display like items on product pages.
  • January 2014, launched a search engine for Independent Stores
  • February 2014, added support for Read the Braintree Payments newsletter.
  • May 2014, added a whole new service at a scheduled text messaging service.
  • May 2014, added a new service at a traditional web site hosting service.
  • June 2014, added a Text Messaging Service for Businesses and Organizations.

We are not sitting still yet either. Here is what is coming up:

  • HTML5/CSS3 Responsive Front End to Stores
  • Product Options
  • More.....

We continue to work hard to make ChrisLands the preferred place for your online store. - provides your organization with a simple, easy to use system for sending messages to your multiple recipients. - A service that gives you the ability to write a text message and schedule it to arrive at a certain date and time. - Search Millions of Items from Hundreds of Independent Stores! Support Independence!