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"You can focus on things that are barriers or you can focus on scaling the wall or redefining the problem."
- Tim Cook


I'm writing a quick newsletter to show you some of what we have accomplished with ChrisLands' Version 2 administration as well as a few other topics including a reminder of the fee increase that applies to some stores.

Newsletter Topics!

We think you will find this interesting. Let's get started!

Version 2 Screenshots!

As we mentioned in our last newsletter, we have expanded ChrisLands' rewrite to include the administration area. During this rewrite we are updating various features to include:

  • Intelligent Layout (like features in the same area).
  • Superior Web Traffic Reporting.
  • Sales Per Item Feature.
  • And More.

Here are just a few screenshots of the new administration for your review.
* Click image for larger view, opens in new tab or window.

  • Version Dashboard. Version 2 Dashboard
  • ChrisLands' Version 2 Sales Item Version 2 Sales Items
  • ChrisLands' Version 2 Add Coupon Version 2 Add Coupons
  • ChrisLands' Version 2 Tax Settings Version 2 Tax Settings
  • ChrisLands' Version 2 Mobile Ready
    Version 2 Mobile Ready
  • ChrisLands' Version 2 In Tablet
    Version 2 On Tablet

After we launch Version 2, we intend to immediately start adding many features you have asked for (and waited so patiently) such as:

  • Drop Ship Service Integration (New Books maybe?)
  • Ability to Sell Downloadable Items
  • List Items without Images
  • And Much More...

We intend to send more information and examples as time permits. Stay tuned. Things are looking great!

See our last ChrisLands Version 2 newsletter to see more about Version 2.

I have a confession. I have made mistakes. Early on issues came up and advise was received that, in my mind, I turned into barriers. These "barriers" led me to go down paths that ultimately wasted time. Then on a recent 12 hour drive to visit my family I had an epiphany. These barriers were of my own making!

No more BARRIERS! I have recently hired the first of the next generation ChrisLands' coders who is knee deep into coding Version 2 right now. I am looking for one more, maybe more when I can afford it. I intend for these new coders to be long term members of the ChrisLands' team with 100% focus on You, the ChrisLands' store owner, as it always should be!

For those of you hang in there with us, we are doing everything possible to make 2016 YOUR year!


Signup Discount

Let me be clear, the signup discount is signing up for a ChrisLands' store before we launch Version 2!

As we discussed in our V2 Fee Structure section of the last newsletter, we will establish an entirely new fee structure for new stores after Version 2 launches. As almost is always the case, ChrisLands will grandfather current stores at their current fee structure.

If you know anyone requiring an online store, please let them know about ChrisLands now. Although we are still a bookstore service, our system supports other produts such as games, movies, antiques, art, crafts, and more! Tell your buddy now!

Friends Don't Let Friends Pay Higher Fees!

Fee Reminder

This is just a reminder that those stores whose monthly fees are still at 2001 fee levels, are going up this month. Not all stores will be affected. See the next table.

The following table depicts the only fee levels affected. Only the base fee is affected, all other fees (storage, additional items, etc) stay the same. If your monthly base service fee is one of them on the left it will increase as indicated.
  • $12.99 increases to $17.99.
  • $19.99 increases to $23.99.
  • $24.99 increases to $27.99.
  • All others remain the same.

This fee schedule begins on March 1. You will see this reflected in your March 27 invoice we email and be due on April 1.

Even with this slight fee increase, ChrisLands is by far the lowest cost bookstore service, at least, compared to the services we are aware of. See our Eight Years Ago section of the last newsletter for more information.

Pay Ahead Discounts

Recently, we received several questions about discounts for Paying Ahead. ChrisLands has never offered this due to using the current month's activity at your store to determine the fee on the first of the following month.

However, this is not impossible. We believe we can do some sort of discount for paying ahead. First we average your last three months fees, based on this average, you may pay ahead and receive a discount using the following discount percentages.

  • 6 Months to 11 Months: 5%
  • 12 Months to 17 Months: 10%
  • 18 Months to 23 Months: 15%
  • 24 Months and Over: 20%.

As an example, if the average of your last 3 months' fees was $34.99 and you wanted to pay ahead 12 months, the calculation would work as follows:

  • $34.99 x 12 = $419.88
  • $419.88 x 0.10 = $41.89 (10% of 419.88)
  • $419.88 - $41.89 = $377.99
  • You Pay: $377.99

In the above example, we will credit your account for the $377.99 payment, then add a credit of $41.89 to account for the full 12 month payment.

Please note: Your pay ahead payment may not directly translate to the months of fees you paid ahead. Your monthly activity still determines your monthly fees. If you add features that cost, have sales through bookfinder, your storage space usage changes, your inventory goes up or down, etc, then your monthly fees may fluctuate. If any of this occurs, it would change the number of months you paid ahead.

On the other hand, a discount is a discount!

If you are interested in looking at our Pay Ahead Discounts, please email Landry directly at He will work with you to figure out the calculations and answer any questions.

Can't Wait

I cannot wait to launch Version 2. I think I'm more excited than any of you! We are pushing really hard to complete it as soon as possible.

Don't forget about my sales tips list in my last newsletter. The more you Know! The More You Do! The better things work!


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