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"If you have a business, you need a website. If your business sells products, you need to be able to sell those products from your website. It really is that simple."

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If you have not chosen to upgrade to ChrisLands Version 2 yet we strongly suggest you do! If you are waiting to be lower in the upgrade queue, we have plenty in the upgrade queue now. Anything we encounter early will be taken care of before we get to your store.

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An Education

Since I sent the last newsletter a week ago, I have received feedback from various store owners about ChrisLands, an eduction if you will. Much of this eduction has to do with what they have not seen from ChrisLands and what they'd like to see from ChrisLands.

What we could do is based largely on resources and, unfortunately, our abilities was hindered by a lack of resources. With that, the implication of this education must be that I should have raised fees more regularly and more realistically.

Think about it. How many $25 monthly fees would it take to pay for a full time support representative or developer? Or consider the difference in the price of a server 14 years ago versus a server today. That is a lot of $25 a month fees!! Higher fees would help a lot. We did what we could with what we had.

I always believed I was doing the right thing by current ChrisLands' store owners by not raising fees too much or too often. I always thought of their well being and their costs. This might not have been the best choice all the time.

You can be sure that I am taking this education to heart for the future!! Without a doubt.

However, that does not apply to current store owners, at least not this time. Good decision or not, I am still grandathering current store owners at their current fee rates. Whether you upgrade or not, current store owners monthly fees will not change with the launch of Version 2.

How long I can put off raising the current rates depends somewhat on how many choose to upgrade to Version 2. Some of my planning depended upon a large number of stores choosing to upgrade to Version 2. If most current store owners choose to upgrade, current monthly fees will remain the same for a while!

Support Lower Fees for Current Store Owners by Upgrading to Version 2! The sooner the better! Keep the current rates low for a long time! One for All and All for One! Upgrade to Version 2!

Version 2 Fees

Some have asked about the fee rates for Version 2 so I included this section in this newsletter.

Reminder: Current store owners Fees Do Not Change! Again, you are grandfathered at your current fee rates. This section only applies to new stores who signup with ChrisLands after we publish Version 2 pre-signup. After we launch Version 2 pre-signup, we will no longer accept the return of previous stores. That is any returning store must register for Version 2.

Below is the currently planned fees for Version 2. This is just a summary and we will provide more details in the future. As you can see fees are updated for 2017.

Monthly Fees:
Up to 20,000 items
   - $69.00/month
Up to 40,000 items
   - $94.00/month
Up to 80,000 items
   - $119.00/month
Up to 200,000 items
   - $144.00/month

Stores with over 200,000 items, pay an additional $10.00 per each 20,000 item increment.

New store, one time Setup Fees.
Use a default theme with modified colors, images, and logos.
Semi Custom. Multiple page changes from a current theme.
Full Custom. Completely customized site design.

We will provide more detail in the coming weeks to our Version 2 Fee Structure.

ChrisLands' The Next Generation

With the rewrite of ChrisLands to Version 2, I've started to think about the future of ChrisLands. It was never my intent that ChrisLands ends, even if I have to move on. With that I'd like to introduce three new ChrisLands' team members with a vested interest in ChrisLands success.

Brayden Foster
Bachelors of Science
Computer Science, 2017

Brayden has become ChrisLands' Lead Developer. He has been working on ChrisLands' rewrite since the beginning.

Cody Fulcher
Bachelor of Science
Computer Science, 2017

Cody has been working on the ChrisLands' rewrite for nearly 10 months now. He has become invaluable to the team.

Sandhya Palle
Masters of Science
Computer Science, 2017

Sandhya is new to ChrisLands. We are excited to have her on our new team.

At the Office.

* We spared no expense on our office desks, I mean tables.

All of them want to see ChrisLands succeed and have great ideas on improving ChrisLands. Once we get Version 2 launched and tweaked, as needed, they have plans to start adding features.

These three are currently positioned to take ChrisLands far into the future with me!

The Best We Can

We are working very hard to get this upgrade completed on time and as smooth as possible. Please bear with us. We are working very hard.

One thing I thought about with all the feedback I received was that, ChrisLands will no longer be the "red headed stepchild" in the Bookseller Industry! ChrisLands will become the only choice for your boostore! I mean this. If we have a few hiccups during the ugprade, we will get by it. We will succeed!

Again Keep Current Store Fee Rates Low by Upgrading to Version 2!


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