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A Short Update (Ya Right)

Last Week and Next Week

Last week was an up and down week. We started out by adding a new payment method, lost our SPAM appliance on Tuesday night, and I left a “ (double quote) out of a line of code that caused a few problems. Yes something as simple as that can play havoc with code.

By the end of the week, the SPAM appliance was replaced, the “ (double quote) was corrected and everything, that I’m presently aware of, was corrected.

We are starting our second full business week of independence. Unfortunately, for the next week or 10 days I’ll have to focus on some boring stuff like company administration. Those pesky little things like getting the financial accounts transferred correctly and ensuring all the company paperwork is updated and correct at all government agencies. Have to pay some bills and stay legal too you know!

I also have to go to one of those destination weddings that I cannot get out of as it is my fiancés son. It would be bad if I skipped it! Yes, I will be connected as I always am.

During this time I intend to get each and every support ticket and email answered and resolved if possible. If you have something pending, I will get to it. It is my intent to get our support tickets to a zero balance very soon. This may also bring to light other items to correct.


As for support, I do intend to keep our customer service as personal as possible. You are important to us and not just another store owner. Believe me, you are important to me!

However, I am working on getting more customer service representatives and others will answer you besides me. You can help me help you by using the support ticket system. Emails are great but they are harder to track especially when there is only one email address and more than one person trying to answer them. Who read this email? Who replied to that email? Actually I have felt like pulling out my hair sometimes and that was only with me and Kathleen. Imagine when there are more than two people looking at one email address.

If you want to drop me an email just for the heck of it, say hello maybe, or to send me some information and not necessarily for support, by all means email me at I’d love to hear from you.

But if you want support and definitely need an answer, please email (this will create a ticket) or open a ticket at: ChrisLands' Support (preferred method).

Again, I do intend to keep support a personal service, but being able to track who did what for who is very important as well. Thank you so much for your help!

New Hires

I’ve hired two new people and I am interviewing another on Monday. In my excitement, even though they have not officially started (they don’t even have ChrisLands’ emails yet), I’ve updated the Our Team page:

Our Team

Have a look!

Landry, Paul, and Andrew will not officially start until June 3rd as they are going through a self-paced training program until then. After June 3rd there will be a more formal training program before they are fully onboard. Putting this together is another thing I’ll be working on too. Once they are all set and ready to go I’ll introduce them to you more formally.

Monthly Fees

I know many of you have recently updated your payment method for ChrisLands and many of your payments cleared on the fifth when I processed fees. In any case, I have decided to skip the processing on the 10th and wait until the 15th before I try to process monthly service fees for stores that did not already clear this month. I want to give any of you who might still need a few more days the opportunity to review your payment method to ChrisLands before I try to process fees again.

If you have not already done so, please Login to your store’s Administration and click Update ChrisLands Billing Info, the last link on the left menu of the first page of Administration and check to see if your payment method is up to date. Especially check if your Zip Code is valid.

I hope to have the problems introduced by the transition cleared up soon and make this the last time I mention this to all of you as a group. Again, I am sorry for this inconvenience!

Thank you so much for your support! I truly appreciate it!

Vialibri has stopped searching ChrisLands. I know right! If it is not one thing it is another!

Vialibri has changed to a subscription based search platform where they only search member sites who have signed up to have their store searched. Please see this page:

Vialibri Premium Service

Over the next several months I’ll be working to write code to support their new protocol. This will allow you the ability to have your individual store searched if you sign up for the Vialibri search service. There may be other methods to get ChrisLands' stores searched by Vialibri. I’m researching that as well.

I’m still working out the details right now. So this is all preliminary. I have no further information at present but I will keep you updated.

I’ve deleted all invoice entries at ChrisLands for Vialibri fees. If you had these fees you no longer have any for May or for the future.

Near Term (before July)

I’m still working on adding back payment methods. My intent is to add back all previous payment methods we used to support. The first three to come out will be, and 2Checkout, in this order. I’ll have to look at the rest before I prioritize them.

I intend to have all previously supported payment methods back before July 1st. After July 1st, with my new hires fully on board, I intend to start rebuilding the ChrisLands' code base. The longer it takes to start the longer it will take to complete.

Finally - The Vision

I truly have a vision for what ChrisLands will be, the quality of the system we provide to you, the quality of our customer support, and the culture of the company. I believe it is a good vision. If you could crawl inside my head and look at my vision, I am pretty sure you would be very happy!

I cannot wait to achieve that vision. I wish I could just snap my fingers and make it so. Unfortunately, I cannot. I hope many or all of you will be here to see my vision come to fruition!

Have a Great Week and Happy Mother’s Day!


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