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"If you have a business, you need a website. If your business sells products, you need to be able to sell those products from your website. It really is that simple."

It's a BIG Deal!

Another quick newsletter to discuss ChrisLands Version 2. This is a Must Read! You MUST CHOOSE to update.

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Before we begin, let me make something perfectly clear, ChrisLands goal is no less than being the best system available at the best price for independent store owners! We now have some young, smart, and motivated developers with a lot of great ideas. They are working hard just to get done with Version 2 so they can start implementing their new ideas!

As soon as we launch Version 2, we will immediately begin improving on it! Some features are long overdue while some are becoming available only now with new technology. In any case, ChrisLands will not sit idle, we will not gather any dust, we will move forwards, always forwards!!

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

-- Dylan Thomas

I have to admit that after I resumed control of ChrisLands, there were some fits and starts. That is in the past!! Completely in the past. Our new developers are singularly focused on ChrisLands' improvements and success. They have diligently worked for a combined 32 months on updating ChrisLands to Version 2.

Please Read On!

The Big Deal

The updating of ChrisLands to Version 2 is a big deal, the change from the current version is dramatic. The difference is like comparing a 2001 Chevy Cavalier to a 2017 Cadillac CTX. Here are just a few points:

  • Update to Current Best Practices. The new code base is based on all the current coding best practices with an improved modular design. This design allows for easy updates and easy feature additions.
  • New Front End Design. Since 2001 many new devices with new display sizes have come out. Our new front end design gracefully supports these new display sizes. The new front end allows us to offer more flexibility with site designs. Of course, we only have one to start, but we'll be adding new designs as fast as we can.
  • New Servers. We are taking this opportunity to add new servers to critical areas and, at the same time, update all server software as necessary.
  • Faster Code Processing. The new version of our coding language runs twice as fast as the current version.
  • Much, much more....

Faster code, faster servers, faster code processing, modular design and so much more! Our new version is a big deal!

To Update

Unfortunately, with such a dramatic change in code, it is not possible to just "select" the new version. There are steps that we have to ensure are completed correctly and the best way to ensure this is review them manually. A few steps include:

  • Add new statistics domain to statistics server (this is new too).
  • Move your store to new web server configured for new code base.
  • Update web server configurations on new server to support your store.
  • Update your store's configuration with settings required by new code base.
  • Ensure all page content, images, logos, and colors transferred correctly.
  • Much more....

This is a lot of work and we want to get it right!

In order to successfully accomplish store transfers, we are hiring temporary staff trained to help with and ensure correct store version transfer.

Demo Site!

We have updated the demo site with the current Version 2 code. Although we are closer to completion, you may still see some errors. That is ok. We know that the code is not perfect yet. We have extensive testing planned.

Have a look:

Version 2 Demo

Enjoy the Tour!

Updating - You MUST Choose!

Due to this need for manual transfer and reviews, we need some way to prioritize when to transfer a store. So we are asking you to signup for our transfer Queue. Essentially, we are asking how important this is to you.

Here is where I have to tell you that, with our added cost to conduct this upgrade and perform transfers, we are going to require an "upgrade fee". We have tried to keep this fee as low as possible while hoping to cover our costs. Like some of you, we do not have large margins. Absorbing additional costs, as high as these, is just not possible.

It is a win win, Version 2 is available for you and ChrisLands remains a viable company for us (and you). In the end, we believe the fees for upgrading are fair given what we've tried to accomplish with Version 2, and were we will go after launching Version 2.

We TRULY Appreciate your Support!

To sign up for your Queue position, go to your store and as the store administrator do the following steps:

Login -> click Administration -> click Click Here to Queue (on page, see image below)

Again, you go to your store and login. You do not go to and sign up again.

If you clicked the right link, you should arrive at the Version 2 Queue Sign Up page, which looks like this image:

Simply fill out the form, and click Save Choices.

Please notice a couple of items on the form.

  • There are three levels. In each level, it is first come first served.
  • Those who choose the top level, "As Soon as Possible", ChrisLands will transfer first.
  • The fees are $150, $100, and $0.00 respectively. EVERY CENT of upgrade fees paid goes directly into improving ChrisLands. No one is getting rich here!
  • If you choose "I Don't Want to Upgrade", that is fine but we strongly recommend you upgrade. We will support Version 1 as long as possible. Please understand that ChrisLands will no longer conduct any development for Version 1.
  • If you choose a level with a Fee, that fee is charged immediately. Your queue position is not confirmed until the fee payment clears.

The Full Launch date is tentatively scheduled on: June 26, 2017!!! ChrisLands will start store transfers on that date. It might take a month or two to get everyone upgraded.

Tentative Full Launch Date: June 26, 2017
We will do our best to make this date or be very close to that date!

Logging Into Store as Administrator: As a reminder, you login to your store by clicking any Login link at your store's site. You use the administrator user email and password in the login form. The system will recognize the permissions and place an administration link in the upper left column of your store pages, usually above the quick search form.

Lots of Work

We are sorry for taking so long on this ChrisLands update! There are 100s of 1000s of lines of code to rewrite and that takes time. Just imagine how long that would take. We also want to ensure that the code works correctly. That too takes time.

Nevertheless, we are now so very, very close to launching Version 2. We sincerely want to thank you for your help and patience!

In the next week or two, ChrisLands will update our own website for Version 2. At that time we will start taking Version 2 Pre-Sign Ups, new store registrations before launch. At that same time, we will stop taking new signs up for Version 1. If you know anyone who wants Version 1 Pricing, they need to sign up in the next week or two. It is the best discount they will get, even if you include the upgrade fee.

Don't forget about my sales tips list in one newsletter. The more you Know! The More You Do! The better things work!


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