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Fee Increase Implemented.

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Fee Increase Today

It is October 1, 2014 and we have increased our fees as announced. Please read below for more.

Newsletter Topics!

This is super brief, please read.

Fee Increase

As announced previously, we increased our fees today. It is not a dramatic increase, only $5.00 per level. You can see the new fee structure on our Fees Page.

This does not affect you! Anyone with a current store is grandfathered at our previous fee levels.

In fact, some of you will see lower fees! As part of the fee increase we once again increased the storage allowance which also benefits current stores. Here is a list of the first ten levels for the storage allowance now.

 Up to Number
of Items Listed
  Storage Allowance
(in megabytes)
 2500  300
 5000  400
 10000  500
 30000  600
 40000  660
 50000  720
 60000  780
 70000  860
 80000  940
 90000  1020
 100000 1100

Additionally, we increased the Additional Disk Space allowance by another 50 MBs. Now when you need that extra space, you get even more!

For those who may have waited too long to start their store, we are running a new promotion, the AfterIt promotion! With this promotion new stores will receive $80.00 OFF their setup fee. For most stores, that is 16 months of virtually being at the old fee structure. This is only through October 15, 2014 so tell your friends now!

Checkout the AfterIt Promotion for more!

Tell Just One!

I am currently in one of those Catch 22 situations and I am asking for your help!

In order not to someday go the way of, who closed their doors last month after 20 years, I am compelled to do more marketing than previously. Since the budget is also very limited, I do most of this myself. Making banner ads, flyers, writing emails and so on takes a lot of time.

On the other hand, if I don't get some more coding done, you may become disgruntled. This may force me back to marketing even more. You see the Catch 22? Coding is what I prefer to do, it is what I want to do!

To keep me coding, I am asking for your help. All I ask is that you tell just one person who could use an online store about! We do support many product types too!

Tell that one person about our AfterIt Promotion and they will receive $80.00 off their setup fees for their new store!

The Way Forward!

Marketing Versus Coding

I just wrote about needing your help, marketing versus coding. The truth is, very shortly, I am refocusing on coding and letting the chips fall where they may. I have one more marketing project and a book fair to attend and then I am done with marketing for quite a while. Whatever happens, happens.

So please tell one person about Thank You!

Stock Data

I am days away from getting all the new data integrated. I know, I know, said that before. I am sorry, however, I am on it. This will be the last month that we have the half price setup fee promotion and November will be the first month of invoicing for the service. Yes, I'm that confident of getting it completed.

To see more about Stock Data and Images, at your store, as the Store Administrator, do the following:

Login -> Administration -> Inventory (top menu) -> Stock Data (left menu)

Front End Redesign

The redesign of the stores' front end is progressing. It is quite complicated and I'm finding out that all the options I've designed into the store is making it much harder. It will be accomplished as soon as possible. When it is done, I am 100% certain that eveyone will be excited!

Have a Great Day!

I just want to say how much I truly appreciate that you have chosen to host your store! I do not take this lightly. It is all I think about.

Thank You! Have a Great Day!


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