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"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
- Albert Einstein

Version 2 Front End Demo!

I'm writing a quick newsletter to say Happy Holidays and show you some of what we have accomplished with ChrisLands' Version 2 Front End, the customer facing pages.

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the Holidays 2016

I want to wish everyone a very Happy Holidays!! We hope that, however you celebrate this time of year, you have a great time with all your friends and family!

We also wish you a very prosperous and productive 2017. We are excited about 2017 and our updated ChrisLands' system. With the launch of Version 2 our service will only get better and better!

Once again, Happy Holidays!

Version 2 Demo

We are working very hard to get Version 2 complete. It is a lot of work. Just look at your current administration area and you can imagine how much coding this requires. We have developed mostly in the administration area.

However, we wanted to show you a rough sample of what the front end could look like in Version 2. So we put something together and here it is:

Version 2 Demo

We hope you like it!

Version 2 is a complete upgrade with every piece of code reworked. To see a partial list of what is coming in Version 2 and to see some administration screen shots visit the following 2 links:

Version 2 Includes

Version 2 Administration Screenshots

We know waiting for this new version is not easy. We truly appreciate your patience. We are working on a shoestring budget and doing the absolute best we can! In the end, we know you will be extremely happy!

Please Note: Not every button and link works in this demo site. We know this. Please do not email us. This is just an example.

Get $75 Credit

Refer a store to ChrisLands and get a $75 Credit for your future ChrisLands' store fees! Get a $75 Credit for every store you refer!

To get this credit have your referral add Your Store Number in the Promotion/Coupon Code entry on the signup page when they register for an account at ChrisLands! If your store is store number 12756 it would look like this:

Promotion/Coupon Code:

To find your Store Number, click Login at your store, then look in the Browser's Address Bar. You should see something like:

In place of the #### you will see your store number.

So you are wondering what the new store owner receives? Good question!! They receive ChrisLands' current pricing which equates to a substantial discount. When we launch Pre-Signup for Version 2, prices "WILL" go up. Trust me, now is the time to get a ChrisLands store!

In case you don't know, ChrisLands is Not Just For Bookstores Anymore! If you do not know anyone who sells books, that is Great, No Worries! ChrisLands supports virtually any product type. Our service works just as great for Antiques, Art, Crafts, Hobby Items, Paintings, Toys, and much more.... See stores selling other product types.

Expires: January 15, 2017

Only valid for referred stores who pay the full setup fee, their site launches, and they pay one monthly service fee. Referred store cannot use any other promotion.

2017 Is Going to ROCK!

I cannot wait to launch Version 2. I am getting just as anxious as some of you may be but we will not launch until it is ready! Again, thank you for your patience.

2017 is the Year of ChrisLands! We are excited, motivated, dedicated, and ready to take Chrislands to all new heights!

2017 is Going to Rock!!


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