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"I started working when I was about 8 years old, picking eggs by hand in my father's chicken barn. One of those long barns that I thought never ended. I remember getting up early every morning, driving to the barn some miles away, picking eggs, and making it home on time to go to school. I do not recall anytime since then that I have not had some type of job."
- Jaymes H. Sorbel

From a Fellow Store Owner

Folks, I am closing my book websites and will not be selling books any longer. I have over 14,000 and closer to 15,000 books. Also included with the books are a number of library shelves. If some one is interested in the shelves, I will measure the number of feet and let you know. I would like to sell all the books and shelves for $4,000. Books alone $3,500 and shelves for $500.00 after the books are gone.

You can email me at or call me at 254-855-9290. I will glad to answer any question you may have. You can see the shelves here Pictures #3 and video #3 are of the shelving.
-Rayburn Taylor

Topsy Turvy Summer

Summer is almost over! Where did it go? We have had a crazy summer around here and, unfortunately, have not finished everything we planned. Please read on to find out more.

Newsletter Topics!

I've tried to keep this brief, it should not be a long read. Enjoy!

Social Media Services

In my last email I mentioned offering Social Media Management. Since that announcement, several things have occurred that hindered the time line for launching this service. For instance, my future mother-in-law had some health issues and I picked up a virus myself. A kid's virus no less. I just turned 50 and a couple weeks later I pick up a virus that normally only affects juveniles. Go figure. There were a few other issues as well.

Given this, the fact that summer is almost over, school is about to start, and everyone is going back into the work mode after the summer, we have decided not to launch the service until September 2nd. We did not want to offer this and then be distracted with something else. We want to focus on providing a quality service. We will make this new milestone.

Stock Data

We have received a whole bunch of data and images from our data provider, hundreds of Gigabytes worth. I'm busily integrating it into the system. Moving this much data and putting it in the correct format is more time consuming than I expected. Putting it into production also has to be timed so it does not interfere with your stores' performance.

We are getting close.

We will finally start invoicing for this service for monthly fees due on October 1, 2014. Then as long as you choose to use Stock Data your invoice will include a line entry every month for its fees. This is only if you choose to use the service. It is an opt-in feature you must choose to use.

Additionally, September is the last month we are offering half-priced setup for this feature. If you opt-in for this service after September 30, 2014 the setup fee will be the full amount.

To find out more, at your store, as the Store Administrator, do the following:

Login -> Administration -> Inventory (top menu) -> Stock Data (left menu)

Front End Redesign

I have made some progress on integrating the front end redesign. Like stock data, it is time consuming and complex trying to change thousands of lines of code. Then making sure it works correctly. Lots of testing is required. Also, I have to be the one to write the code. I have the most experience with the ChrisLands' code and it would take much too long for someone else to try and attempt this.

But I am making headway. It is my number one priority as I really believe it is important that we give you the option to choose a new, modern design, if you like. See more about this at New Store Designs

I think all of you will be happy with the results when I launch the finished product!

Fee Increase

Just a reminder, we are increasing monthly fees on September 2, 2014. The rest of this section is partially a repost from our initial announcement. If you have not read this before, please read on.

We are raising our fees by $5.00 in September. We have not raised fees in over six years.

This does not apply to you! You are grandfathered at your current fees. Read on....

Anyone who has a ChrisLands store, is in good standing on September 1, 2014 and stays with ChrisLands will not see any fee increase for at least the 12 months after August 31, 2014. Any fee increase after that 12 months will not exceed $1.50 for at least another 12 more months. That is at least 24 months, up to September 2016, of paying virtually the same fees you are paying now as long as you keep your store current.

I have always said it is good to be with ChrisLands when changes occur. Its good to be grandfathered!

Please note, I mentioned in good standing. There are a few stores who currently are not. If you are one of these stores, you were sent an email this morning. Please update your payment method according to that email by August 24th so when we process on the 25th, you will be in good standing.

If you know anyone who wants an online store, please tell them to use the Promotion/Coupon Code BeatIt (that is Beat It with no space) to get $50.00 off their setup fee when they register. They must register before September 2, 2014.

Remember the Promotion Code BeatIt for $50.00 off the setup fee!

Don't let one of your friends get stuck with the higher fees, tell them to BeatIt by registering before September 2, 2014! Don't Let Friends Pay Higher Fees! Also, ChrisLands supports virtually any product type as well as books. See stores selling other product types. So now........ Don't Let Any Friend Pay Higher Fees!

As always, we Thank You for any help you can provide!

It is absolutely the best time to have your own or to register for a store!

In Closing

This was a wacky summer for us and has put us behind some. But we are still moving forward. We are still here doing all we can and working hard to support you!

Have a Great End of Summer!


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