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Amazon Payments!

In this newsletter, I focus on accepting payments at your store including our new support for Amazon Payments!

Newsletter Topics!

This newsletter is not as short as a few of our previous newsletters but it still should not be a long read. Enjoy! Lots of good information!

Amazon Payments

ChrisLands NOW supports Amazon Payments!!! This opens up the potential for about 250 Million shoppers to easily purchase at your store. Turn casual shoppers into buyers!

Their fees are low, or at least comparable to other payment processors. Just 2.99% and 30 cents per transaction, NO monthly fees and NO annual fees. Only the per transaction fees. This is slightly lower than which we also support.

You can use Amazon Payments in conjuction with your current Payment Processor. For example, you may offer Amazon Payments for Amazon Shoppers and also use to process credit cards directly on your site. This is a big plus as in most cases you can only use one Payment Processor.

Unfortunately, at this time, Amazon Payments only supports merchants from the United States and the United Kingdom. Obviously, when they add more countries, we will support those as well.

To see more about how to do this, go to your store as the store administrator:

Login -> Administration -> Add Payment Method (left menu) -> Configure Amazon Payments (top of page).

I know how some feel about Believe me, I know, ChrisLands has been in the trenches right beside you for nearly 14 years! I also know these feelings may prevent some of you from using Amazon Payments. I appreciate that as well! However, I want to comment on a couple points.

First, I want to make it clear ChrisLands DOES NOT have an affiliate relationship with We DO NOT benefit by you using Amazon Payments. We have added support for Amazon Payments for one reason, the hope of increasing your sales. Two reasons really, I have had stores ask for this service.

Also, this is completely optional, you may choose to use Amazon Payments or not. It is entirely your choice. If you do not, nothing changes, your store continues to function as it always has. Now on to those points.

Send Customers to Amazon - There may be some fear that using Amazon Payments could send customers to I would argue that if someone wants to shop at Amazon, they would go directly to Amazon is well known already. The opposite of this, if some Amazon shopper arrived at your store, they are at your store for a reason. They found your store through some means and are browsing your inventory because it interests them. By offering Amazon Payments you may turn that visitor into a buyer!!

Supporting Amazon - Some just do not want to support Amazon in anyway, especially with any fees. I believe Amazon already earns fees through thousands of different avenues. If they lose a few fees in one avenue, they will make up with other fees collected in another. On the other hand, if by offering Amazon Payments, you generate more sales, that means a GREAT DEAL to you!

Use Amazon - What I am saying, use Amazon for your benefit, not for their benefit!

Finally, I am not trying to start a debate. Honestly, I don't have time and I am sure you don't either. These are just my thoughts and something to think about.

Read more about Amazon Payments.

50% Off Setup Fees

In recognition of our new support for Amazon Payments along with Christmas and New Years, we are offering a 50% OFF Setup Fees promotion for the last two weeks of December!

From now until January 2, 2015 any new store who registers at will receive 50% OFF Setup Fees! That is a Setup Fee of only $99.99. This is only for

Now is the time to start a ChrisLands Store! Tell your friends, relatives, mother, father, sister, brother, tell your neighbor to "Visit" today and register for their new and shiny online store now! Tell just one person who could use an online store about! Keep in mind, we do support many product types too!

Use Promotion Code: Amazon. Valid from now until noon central time, Friday, January 2, 2015.

Go to ChrisLands Registration to get started now!

Read more about the Amazon Promotion!

Accepting Payments

I just wanted to mention accepting payments. It is my belief, that the more the merrier! I will keep this brief. What I mean by the more the merrier, is that you should offer as many means available to accept payments at your store as possible.

Imagine if you will the following two stores accepting payment methods listed.

Store 1   Store 2
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • Check
  • Money Order
  • Paypal
  • Amazon Payments
  • Check
  • Money Order

So the question is, which store will receive more sales? I argue that Store 1 will have more sales.

Occasionally I will get a question about increasing sales. Invariably when I go look at the store they only accept one or two payment methods, such as the listing in Store 2. Even if you don't want to or cannot use Amazon Payments you may accept credit cards using!

To see more about accepting Credit Cards, go to your store as the store administrator:

Login -> Administration -> Add Payment Method (left menu) -> Accepting Credit Cards (top of page).

Too Many Accounts - I have heard comments that some do not want to deal with so many accounts. Personally, I would rather have the potential of funds coming in ten different ways than just one.

Too Much Effort - Another thing I have heard is it is just too much effort. I say to that, I would rather have more to do than less.

This is just my two cents.

To be clear, there are other functions to help increase sales such as listing Featured Items, New Items, using Coupons, having Category Sales, and so on. I only wanted to point out accepting payments in this newsletter.

Email Service Providers

Many store owners have Alias email accounts, email accounts that forward to another email account. Often the receiving email account is hosted by Email Service Providers such as AOL, Hotmail, Gmail, etc.

Every Email Service Provider has their own SPAM filtering system. Their SPAM policies change day to day based on various input. Sometimes that input comes directly from their users, you know, when someone marks an email as SPAM. This day to day changing can let one email through one day, block virtually the same email the next day, and let it back through the third day.

I am writing this specifically about those Email Service Providers who allow user to mark email as SPAM or as NOT SPAM.

If a store owner uses Alias email accounts that forwards to one of these Email Service Providers, every time they mark an email as SPAM which came through their store's Alias email address, that adds statistics to the email servers' reputation. When that reputation becomes too high, the Email Service Provider may block email for a period of time from those email servers.

You Can Help! Every time you receive a valid email from your store (order email, contact form submission email, offline search email, etc) mark it as good/valid email, "this is not spam" or however your Email Service Provider does it.

The other thing that might help, do not not mark SPAM as SPAM when you are relatively certain that it came through your store's Alias email account, the forwarding account. Just ignore and delete SPAM in that case. In this way you are not adding to any email server's reputation. I delete over a hundred SPAM email everyday.

Please consider your fellow store owners before you choose to mark an email as SPAM or not. You might just be helping yourself as well!


We are only two weeks away from 2015! A brand new year, a brand new start! I'm really excited about 2015. I'm finally going to get to some features I wanted to get to in 2014! If I don't write again before then, let me say now Happy New Year! Also, for however you celebrate the upcoming holidays I want to say Happy Holidays!

Don't forget our 50% Off Setup Fee promotion from now through January 2!

I hope you have a Great Week!


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