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It has come to my attention that some newsletters I write, not everyone reads. So I've created a repository of newsletters with pertinent newsletters and tutorials that may assist in running your ChrisLands' store.

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"Those who believe they can move mountains, do. Those who believe they can't, cannot. Belief triggers the power to do."
- David J. Schwartz,
"The Magic of Thinking Big"

25% Off Fees for 25 Months!

In this newsletter, I announce a new promotion with the potential to reduce, yes I said reduce, your monthly service fees by up to 25% for 25 months! There are a couple of other good topics in this newsletter as well! You should read it.

Newsletter Topics!

I have tried to make this newsletter short again, but even if it is not, it is full of good information!

25% Off for 25 Months!

You have the power, 25% Off Monthly Fees!

Only YOU can make this happen!

I have been thinking about this a very long time. I love the idea!! I help you, you help each other, and you help ChrisLands. I scratch your back, you scratch each others back, and you scratch ChrisLands' back. Teamwork - Its a beautiful thing!!

Ok, here is the deal:

For every 10% (ten percent) of ChrisLands' growth, I'll reduce all current store monthly service fees by 2% (two percent). If we reach 100% (one hundred percent) growth, I'll reduce those fees by an additional 5% (five percent) for a total of a 25% (twenty-five percent) reduction in current monthly service fees.

Whatever percentage of growth we are at when this promotion ends, I will keep that fee reduction level for at least 25 months! Any current store, including new stores, who are active and have their monthly service fees up to date when the promotion ends will be grandfathered at these new lower fees for at least 25 months!

Returning stores who's sites have not been archived yet, count for growth. Following this promotion, any returning store will have to register for a new store. After this promotion, No backsies!

When was the last time a company offered to lower your rates so dramatically for so long? Let's be honest, most are trying to find ways to raise fees!

Why did I say only You can make this happen? Well, because, I am asking for your help. I know, I know. I know what you are thinking. "I'm too busy", "Others will do it, I don't have to". I appreciate this as I would probably think the same thing. Unfortunately, everyone thinks the same thing. We are all the same and then no one invites anyone to join ChrisLands and this whole promotion peters out.

We have to change that thinking. Don't let this promotion peter out. I am asking you to introduce ChrisLands to Just One new store. That is it! Just one. If everyone asks Just One, we will hit that 100%! Ok, for those go-getters, you can ask two, three, whatever. There is no limit!

We have created a 25For25 Promotion to help you promote ChrisLands and reach our goal! Plus you are welcome to download our current flyer, print it out and hand it out to all your friends!

Between our efforts and your efforts, You Can Do It! - turn your volume up!

When does this promotion end? When I launch the new front end. Read more in the next section. When will fees go back up? After 25 months obviously, but those of you who have been with ChrisLands a while know that we don't increase fees by 25% all at once. It could take a very long time after those 25 months before fees are at this level right now!

"The tipping point is that magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire."
― Malcolm Gladwell, "The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference"

Help ChrisLands find our own Tipping Point. Don't let this promotion Peter Out be sure to invite Just One (or two or three) to join today!

I'm Out of Here!

Yup, I'm gone, adios, sayonara, see ya later alligator! ----->>>> Did I scare you?

Ok, so I'm not really "out of here". I'm still here, however, you will not hear very much from me over the next few months other than maybe updates on the 25For25 promotion. Why is that? I will tell you.

I have been trying and trying and trying to get the new store front end design coded and I have had some success but I could do better. I have discovered that my problem is that I am not saying "no" enough. Periodically, I receive request to do this or that. These requests often only affect one store, one-offs. Very often I will do these one-offs.

Doing these one-offs has slowed progress tremendously. So I will do no more one-offs until the new front end is completed. The way I see it is, the new front end will benefit everyone. Of course, if there are emergencies, I will correct those.

So Far, I'm Excited!

I already have the theme structure in place on our development site. I already have the front theme retrieving data from the system backend. I already have the structure to easily provide a theme package download, with instructions, so designers can create new themes. Here is a summary of the new theme system benefits:

  • Support for virtually any theme you find. There are many free themes online. Download one, give our instructions and the downloaded theme to your designer, let them modify it to support our theme system, and give it to us. We pop it in to our system and you have a new store theme. Our theme requirements are quite easy and it would not take a decent designer very long to modify.
  • If you only want to change one or two pages on the default theme, only change those pages and you have a new theme. The system will pull up your new pages when used and continue to pull up default pages when not changed in your theme. Only change the pages you want to change. Easy!
  • Easily update your theme as page technology advances. Change the features in your theme to support new page technology and drop it back into our system and your theme supports the new technology.
  • The default theme is modern with responsive design.
  • Much more.....

As I said, I am really excited. Really excited!

How long will this take? That is a good question. I am changing thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of lines of code and every line change needs testing. So a long time. But it will be my only priority (no one-offs remember). For now, I am going to say 3 to 6 months. I will give an announcement the closer I get to completion.

When the new theme system is completed, the 25For25 Promotion is over. Following the promotion, at this time, I do not know how the fees for stores who register after the promotion will change. I do know that it will be much cleaner with a modern design. However, I also feel more loyalty to those of you who are with me through this all! Loyalty is worth a lot to me!!

Caveats: This system would support themes from other systems (wordpress, drupal, joomla, etc), however, they may be harder to modify, maybe not even worth the effort. ChrisLands will be hesitant to install themes that "do not" use responsive design.

Amazon Payments

I have had some questions, well two in particular about using Amazon Payments (login and pay). These questions are "am I selling Amazon Products from my store" and "does this direct people to Amazon to checkout". The answers are both No

You sell Your Products from Your Store and they checkout through your store's checkout pages. Amazon Payments just allows the visitor to checkout and pay for your products with their information already stored at Amazon.

Read More about Amazon Payments at our Amazon Payments newsletter.

I am also continuing to see stores that only accept one or two payment methods on their store. As I mentioned, before I think the more ways you have for a customer to pay, the more sales you will have.

Picture it this way. If each and every employee you had made your business some profit, how many employees would you have?

Read More about Accepting Payments at our Accepting Payments section of the last newsletter.

All Newsletters

Over the last 14 years, I have written many newsletters. Some of those newsletters have ideas for marketing your store, managing your store, and using features of the store.

I also know that many of you do not have the time to read each newsletter and I'm sure that occasionally you forget about them later. So I have created a Newsletter Index page which you may always reference and read the newsletters and tutorials at your convenience.

Checkout our Newsletter Index page.

I've included a link to this page on the first page of your store's administration. On the right hand side of that first page. The label is Newsletters and Tutorials. Have a look in your store administration. It will always be there for your review! Read at your convenience.

"The more you know......" Where is that saying from?

Let's Go!

Don't forget about our 25For25 promotion! Help Us, Help You! Teamwork - it really is a beautiful thing!

You may think that shooting for 100% is a bit over the top. However, ChrisLands is a very small company, miniscule compared to the behemoths who provide similar services. Going for 100% is not that many new stores for ChrisLands.

This is entirely doable! Without a doubt! Between our marketing, albeit limited by budget, and you getting Just One we can easily reach 100%. Additionally, we are not in the "The Highlander" there does not have to be "Just One", get two or three or more! You will be helping each other as well!

Are you ready Steve? A-Ha. Andy? Yeah. Mick? Ok! Alright Fellas, Let's Go! BallRoom Blitz!

I hope everything is going great for you!


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