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It is July and, for the United States as you probably know, we celebrate the Fourth of July as our Independence Day!

I’ve decided that here at ChrisLands, we also need to celebrate our Independence. So, I’m throwing the largest promotion in the entire history of ChrisLands!

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Happy Fourth, Promotion, and The Way Ahead

Happy Fourth of July!

I want to wish everyone, both those that celebrate the Fourth as Independence Day and those who do not, a very Happy and Safe Fourth of July!

I hope you have a great day planned with your families and your friends!

I intend to spend that day lounging by a pool with my family and friends, barbequing, and watching fireworks. I hope it is a great day!

Once again, Happy Fourth of July

The 1776 Promotion

For the entire month of July 2013, ChrisLands is throwing the largest promotion we have ever thrown in our entire history. Each new store who signs up in July with a valid setup fee payment, will receive 50% off their setup fee, making their setup fee only $99.99. Plus they will receive a $25.00 credit towards their future store fees! Combining these two benefits equates to over a 60% discount for setting up their new store.

Additionally, any current store who refers someone who then signs up in July with a valid fee payment, the referring store will receive a $25.00 credit towards their future store fees as well. New stores who sign up in July may participate and refer other new stores. You may refer as many stores as you like!

I know you are asking yourself, how do I participate in this promotion? Right! Ok, I'll tell you!

For the new store to receive their discounted setup fee and credit, and for you to get your $25.00 credit have the new store do the following when they register with

On the second page of the ChrisLands registration, the last question on that page is this:

How did you hear about

All the new store has to do for the 1776 Promotion is to enter the code:

1776-YourStoreNumber (replacing YourStoreNumber with your actual store number)

The resulting entry should look like::

How did you hear about

Just to be clear about YourStoreNumber, have any store you refer change YourStoreNumber to your actual store number. So, for instance, if you are store number 2456, then when the new store registers what they enter should look like:

How did you hear about

Once more, make sure the new store enters 1776-YourStoreNumber when registering with ChrisLands. That is 1776 dash Your Actual Store Number, 1776-YourActualStoreNumber.

As I sit here writing this now, I am almost 100% certain this will be the last time I have a promotion of this magnitude. It is likely that I will never discount the setup fee by this amount ever again. I believe this for various reasons, not the least of which is that the new code will be a superior product. Also, as I have mentioned before, and as some of you know, it is far better to be a current and active store with ChrisLands, when ChrisLands adds new features or makes changes.

So if you know someone who has been sitting on the fence about getting online with a store, the July 2013, 1776 Promotion at is what you have been waiting for! Refer Your Friends today!

Send them to the ChrisLands Registration Page to get started!

Please note: Referral credits are for current open stores only. The credit received can only be used towards your store's monthly service fees. They cannot be redeemed or traded for anything else.

The Road So Far

Today it has been exactly two months since I acquired ChrisLands back and what a two months it has been. Most days I’m heading to the office at about 6:30 AM and getting home at around 8:00 PM. Nancy, my fiancée (see I fixed this spelling), barely recognizes me and wonders what has gotten into me. It is kind of cute.

Are you asking what has gotten into me? I’ll tell you. It is a renewed love of ChrisLands and the excitement of what the future holds for you, me, and all of us at! I’m excited for all of us!

Over these two months, we have hired staff, setup an office (which I had never staffed or equipped before), and trained the new staff (or mostly trained). It hasn’t been without its bumps in the road, but those bumps have smoothed out a bit and will continue to smooth out as we continue to move forward. There has been times when things came together so well that we were high fiving each other and there were times when it was like “aw shucks”. But we continue to move forward.

I have to tell you about one great thing that just occurred last week. One of the key components of the new code is going to be a modern and responsive (looks good in any screen size, phone to computer) theming system. So we all can be proud of the way our stores look.

Well, last week Jarrod and Paul started figuring this out and they did!!! Obviously it still needs a lot of work but that was a high five moment for us. Like winning a game. Then, just this weekend I had a break through with how to get those initial responsive themes designed. Yes I’m always thinking about ChrisLands. I cannot tell you the details yet but it is going to make the responsive designing much easier! I almost high fived myself. LOL!

Landry, Andrew, and Michele (see below) have had their high five moments as well. In fact, each time Andrew came to the office he actually moved his system and sat behind me to watch how I answered emails and tickets. They have all learned a lot.

All in all it has been a very productive two months.

The Way Ahead

Training is over! Well I should not say that. Training will never be truly over. It will take time for everyone to truly know all about ChrisLands and the system.

However, Landry, Andrew, and Michele (see below) will be taking more and more of the responsibility for answering emails and tickets. Of course, I will always be there to back them up. Also there are still some questions that only I can help with until they learn more. But I am going to expect more out of them and I have no doubt they will step up to the challenge.

Today Jarrod and Paul start the new code base. They have learned a lot about the system and the standards I expect, but now any learning they do, and they will learn more, will be done while rebuilding the ChrisLands code base. The Phoenix has begun!

As for me, I will focus on four priorities.

  • Customers. You are always first and truly are very important to me.
  • Writing Code. This is what I wish I could do full time writing the Phoenix with Jarrod and Paul. I would love to lock myself in a room and write code for a month straight. Unfortunately, I have other responsibilities.
  • Updating Network. This has to be done. I intend to improve performance and stability as well as free up resources so I can do things like increase the storage allowance. Sooner rather than later. Also I'm preparing the system to allow for the addition of IMAP emails (manage your emails from any device).
  • Administration. If I can ever afford to hire more team members it will be someone to keep up with all the paperwork, regulations, and finances. Even though I find it interesting I'd much rather be writing code and working on hardware. Plus it takes far more time than I would like. But, for now, it falls to me to complete..

We have a plan and we are executing it!

New Staff Member

We added Michele Vogt to our team. She will help Landry and Andrew help all of you. We are trying really hard to get the best people and provide you quality support. I think these three are more than up to the task. They are very important to me and to ChrisLands.

I have challenged them to provide the support above and beyond what you expect. They have accepted the challenge.

In Closing!

As always I've been long winded again. So I won't add too much more here.

I sent the monthly invoice out on the 27th as I promised and as I was asked to do. I almost got it right this time. However, there were a few cases where, for stores who signed up to be searched by, that fee was not added. I want to assure you that you are still being searched by Bookfinder and that fee still exists. I guess next month I'll get those invoices just perfect!

Thank you again for your patience and don't forget about the 1776 Promotion!


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