Online Bookstores and eCommerce Solutions from ChrisLands

ChrisLands' Full Store Solution

Full Store Solution

We provide all you need to put your store online. You can start with just a domain name.

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ChrisLands' Easy Web Based Administration

Simple to Manage

Easy web based administration to manage customers, orders, inventory, and more.

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Market Your Products at Your ChrisLands' Store

Market Products

Market your products by creating coupons, sales by category, featured items and more.

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ChrisLands Believes in Being the Man in the Arena

The Man in The Arena

It is our culture here at ChrisLands to strive every day to be The Man/Woman in the Arena.

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Services Overview

Full Store Solution

We provide all that is necessary to have an online store including domain hosting, email hosting, file transfer to upload inventory, web based administration, secure checkout, shopping cart, and more. All you need is your domain name, your inventory and how you want to accept payments. (see benefits).

Simple to Manage

Managing your online store is simple through our secure web based administration. All you do is login, click the Administration link, and the rest is all menu driven. Point and click. Manage inventory, orders customers, sales, coupons, edit your page content, and more.

Market Your Products

There are many ways to market your store. Here are just a few. Create coupons and advertise them to your customers, choose to sell and accept Gift Cards, identify items as featured items and place them on your home page or display newly listed items on your home page or both. Create Sales by Category and feature an entire category with the original price crossed out and the sale price listed. Download your customer information and email them a newsletter through a newsletter service such as And more....

Many business owners pay $80.00, $100.00, $200.00 or more each month for their businesses' mobile phones yet they don't take the time or are unwilling to spend far less monthly to have a website. What do people use to find a business now? Mobile Phones! Let people find your business!

Domain and Email Hosting

Check for your domain name now. is owned by a fellow Bookstore owner. We will direct you how to configure that domain to arrive at your store with us. You may also use a sub-domain if you like such as In either case, a domain of some type must point to the store with us.

We can, if you choose, also host your mail on our servers. We provide both POP email and email that forwards to another email account (such as gmail, yahoo). For pop accounts you retrieve the email from our server using an email client such as Outlook. The outgoing mail server is your Internet Service Providers' (we use for instance) which is a standard service of Internet Service Providers. This is not necessary, if you like your current mail service provider, we can configure your store accordingly.

Inventory Search

Your store comes with two search methods a Quick Search (default) and an Advanced Search (can be configured). These searches interface with your store's high performance SQL database to deliver rapid responses.

Shopping Cart

Your store displays an "Add to Cart" link on every page where an inventory item is displayed. When clicked that item will be placed in your store's shopping cart so the customer can either checkout or keep shopping to add more items to the shopping cart and checkout later.

Secure Checkout

We provide the secure side of your store using enterprise Secure Socket Layer protocols with 256 bit secure certificates from There is no need for you to acquire your own secure certificate. We've already done it for you. When a customer chooses to login, do account maintenance, or checkout they are directed to the secured side of your store (provided by us) which displays the padlock (in most browsers) showing that the page the customer is on is secured.

Accept Payment

ChrisLands does not have a service where we process payments for you and then transfer those funds to your account. We have never believed in getting between the store owner and their money. We provide the mechanism to link your store to your payment accounts allowing you to directly accept payments in various ways. We support various payment methods including Amazon Payments (US) or (UK) and These two have low per transaction fees and NO monthly and NO Annual fees. See all the methods we offer that you you may accept payments.

Yes, I intend to use Amazon Login and Pay (Amazon Payments) with my ChrisLands' store. Sign Me Up Now (US) or Sign Me Up Now (UK)!

Enterprise Security

We use multiple layers of security including enterprise level spam and firewall appliances, 256 bit secure certificates for secure servers, encryption for all sensitive data, and server level firewall protection. The enterprise appliances are updated constantly from the vendor.

Much More ...

Since May 2001, we have continuously improved the ChrisLands' system adding new features on a regular bases. There are many features to your store, too many to list here. Also, as of May 2013, we are starting a big development push. See Coming Soon to the right.

Coming Soon

In order to capitalize on all the newest technologies, starting Jan 2015, we are rebuilding ChrisLands from the ground up. All current features will remain in the system, rewritten and improved as needed. We are also adding many requested features from current store owners.

  • Add more PCI compliant payment methods
  • Add shipping carriers such as FEDEX
  • Multiple language support
  • All output in validated HTML5 and CSS3
  • List multiple product types (beyond books)
  • Improved image management
  • Sell download media
  • Improved social media integration
  • Improve SEO URLS
  • List non-taxed items
  • Tax shipping at a different rate
  • Improve store administration
  • Improve content editor
  • A streamlined checkout system
  • Listed with zero quantity
  • Edit store generated emails
  • Improve integration with email server
  • Personally manage your own uploads to shopping sites such as Google Products, Yahoo Shopping, Bing Shopping, and more

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