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Our Team

  • Jaymes Sorbel, ChrisLands' CEO

    Jaymes Sorbel
    "The Committed"

    Jaymes co-founded ChrisLands in 2001 and has been with the company ever since. Jaymes has the grandiose title of CEO, but he gets to do everything including hardware, developing, database design, more. He is committed to ChrisLands.

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  • Lance Christen, ChrisLands' Co-Founder

    Lance Christen
    "The Detailed"

    Lance co-founded ChrisLands with Jaymes in 2001. He left the company in 2009 to do great things. In May 2013, Jaymes asked Lance back as an advisor to help administer ChrisLands. Lance is incredibly detailed oriented and a strategic thinker.

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  • Landry Sorbel, ChrisLands' Social Media/CS Lead

    Landry Sorbel
    "The Lands"
    Customer Support

    Landry is Jaymes' son. This is the first time he has helped his dad with the company. He will manage ChrisLands' social media endeavors and ensure customer support coverage. Landry is the influence for the "Lands" in the ChrisLands name.

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  • Paul Pinneo, ChrisLands' Developer

    Paul Pinneo
    "The Kid"

    Paul joined ChrisLands in May 2013. He will develop new features, maintain code and play a key role in all future coding. He is devoted to working hard and writing great code. Paul is the code slinger, the gunslinger if you will, "The Kid". - provides your organization with a simple, easy to use system for sending messages to your multiple recipients. - A service that gives you the ability to write a text message and schedule it to arrive at a certain date and time. - Search Millions of Items from Hundreds of Independent Stores! Support Independence!