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Features of the ChrisLands' System

ChrisLands has many features to help you grow your business. We only highlight a few on this page.

You can see all these same features and more at the ChrisLands Demo store. Please visit the ChrisLands Demo Store. At the demo store, you can login using the login information below.

Here is a more complete list of features.

  • Quick Search
  • Advanced Search
  • Category Listing
  • Product Detail Page
  • Featured Items
  • New Items
  • Category Featured Items
  • Category New Items
  • Related Items
  • Add to Cart
  • Shopping Cart
  • Secure Checkout
  • Customer Accounts
  • Account Maintenance
  • Online Store Administration
  • Simple Administration Menu
  • Create Coupon
  • Sell Gift Cards
  • Edit Page Content
  • Add Pages
  • Configure Taxes
  • Create Coupon
  • Customer Management
  • Order Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Configure Shipping
  • Sales By Category
  • Upload Inventory
  • FTP Inventory Images
  • Sitemap Created
  • Simple Blog
  • And Still More..

Plus with ChrisLands you get.

  • Experience, Since 2001
  • Store Hosting
  • Email Hosting
  • Enterprise Servers
  • Enterprise Firewall
  • Enterprise Security
  • Secure Network Center
  • Generator Backup
  • Multiple Bandwidth Providers
  • And More...

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We Manage The Technology!

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Some Features

ChrisLands provides a full ecommerce solution for storeowners. Our powerful and easy to use system has everything needed to run a successful online store. Plus you can securely manage your store right in your browser through our robust and secure web based administration.

As you look at the features below, you will notice that the term "configurable" is used over and over again. Almost all our features are OPT-IN. You may choose to use them or not. Then if you do OPT-IN, you can configure most of them to suit your needs.

Below we highlight just a few of the features available. The list to the left is more complete.

Quick Search

  • Quick Search

    The quick search is fully configurable inside your store administration and normally displays on your store's homepage. You can choose as many as six data elements to display in the quick search. You may also choose no data elements, converting the quick search into a keyword search that searches many fields within your store products.

Advanced Search

  • Advanced Search

    Like the quick search, the advance search is fully configurable inside your store administration. There are up to six search elements to choose, up to six refinements (minimum price, maximum price, and so on), plus three ways to sort the results.

Featured Items

  • Featured Items

    The Featured Items feature allows the store owner to display various special items. You configure how you want your featured items to display in the store adminstration. Featured items can display on the main area of the store homepage or along the right column. You then select the items you want to feature in the Inventory area of your store administration.

    You also have the option of displaying Featured Items in category listings. If the category being displayed has featured items, they will display with the listing.

New Items

  • New Items

    The New Items feature is almost identical to Featured Items and allows the store owner to display new items on the home page. Like featured items, you configure how you display them in the store adminstration. You do not have to select New Items like you have to choose Featured Items as this is automated and is based on the newest items you have added to your store.

    You also have the option to display New Items in category listings.

Gift Cards

  • Sell Gift Cards

    You may choose to sell Gift Cards on your store. There are various ways to configure you gift card offering including amounts, if it belongs only to one email address, and so on. If you sell a Gift Card, you must activate it in the Order. This allows you to validate that payment was received before issuing the credit card.

    Our system also offers other Marketing features such as creating coupons and sales by category.

Product Detail

The Product Detail page displays all the data you have included for your product including any images you have added to the particular product displayed. You will notice that there are two Add to Cart links on the product detail page. This link is configurable and could actually be an image button if you like.

At the bottom of the Product Detail page you may choose to display Related Items.

Product Detail

Shopping Cart

Your customers may add unlimited items to your shopping cart and either Continue to Checkout or Keep Shopping. You may configure a Save Cart and an Email Cart feature so your customer may save the cart for later or email the cart to another person. The Checkout link is configurable and could be a Checkout Button or image.

Shopping Cart

Secure Checkout

No eCommerce system would be complete without a Secure Checkout. We provide the secure server and secure certificate to allow your customers to securely checkout. You do not have to worry about buying secure certificates from a Certificate Authority, we have done it for you.

Secure Checkout

Accepting Payments

  • Add Payments to your Store!

    ChrisLands does not have a service where we process payments for you and then transfer those funds to your account. We have never believed in getting between the store owner and their money. We provide the mechanism to link your store to your payment accounts allowing you to directly accept payments in various ways. We support various payment methods including Amazon Payments (US) or (UK) and These two have low per transaction fees and NO monthly and NO Annual fees. See all the methods we offer that you you may accept payments.

    Yes, I intend to use Amazon Login and Pay (Amazon Payments) with my ChrisLands' store. Sign Me Up Now (US) or Sign Me Up Now (UK)!

    Your Choice! You pick the payment method you want to accept. Its entirely up to you!

Administration Main Menu

We have a secure and robust web based store administration. The main menu along the top is simple and straight to the point. We don't add anything that you do not need and we do not try to hide anything deep in some multi-level menu structure.

Administration Main Menu

Administration Sub-Menu

  • Administration Sub-Menu

    Once you have selected an area in the Administration's Main Menu (mentioned above) you are presented with a menu for that area. The image to the left displays the menu for the Inventory area of the store Administration. The sub-menus are also simple and straight to the point.

    We have heard over and over how simple it is to manage stores with our administration. We want to keep it that way.

Other Products

As mentioned on our homepage, ChrisLands is known and respected for hosting independent bookstores for independent booksellers since 2001. We are proud of our support to the independent bookseller community and we intend to keep up that support.

However, you have noticed the word "configurable" or "configure" used several times on this page. Our system is fully configurable including product labeling and allows the support of virtually ANY PRODUCT TYPE! Please visit our Other Store Types page to see a few of the stores that sell other than books.

Here are a couple stores that sell other products than books. See more on our homepage.

Your Store's Design

You have input on your store's design! Additionally, we are actively coding a new modern front end for all stores that will look good in any size screen from mobile phone to desktop monitor.

Here are a couple stores, with some updated designs that followed the store owners' guidance for their stores' design. See more on our homepage.

And So Much More..

You can see all these same features and more at the ChrisLands Demo store. Please visit the ChrisLands Demo Store.

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