2018Setup Special

2018 Special Setup Fee Pricing! Only $20.18 for the "Standard" Setup Fee. That is 20 Dollars and 18 Cents.
Valid through January 31, 2018

At this time we only accept the "Standard" Setup Fee. If you would like to discuss our Deluxe or Premium setup, please register for the Standard and email [email protected]. If you choose, we can invoice you the difference.

We are currently transferring Version 1 stores to Version 2, as a result,
your design may take longer than normal, between 4 & 6 weeks.

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Up to



Up to



Up to



Up to 200,000 items



Stores with over 200,000 items, pay an additional $10.00 per each 20,000 item increment.

The current month's inventory levels determines the fee for the 1st of the next month.

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NewStore Setup

These are the one time setup fees for new store registrations.



/one time

  • Default Theme
  • Modified Colors
  • Modified Images
  • 1 Round Feedback



/one time

  • Semi Customizable
  • 4 Pages Customized
  • Image Work
  • 3 Rounds of Feedback



/one time

  • Advanced Customization
  • 8 Pages Customized
  • Image Work
  • 6 Rounds Feedback