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"If you don't know, the thing to do is not to get scared, but to learn."
― Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

Ready, Set .....!

As promised, we are starting to transfer sites to Version 2. We are starting slow with just a few, to make sure it is done correctly, see that everything works, and ensure those store owners are happy. After we are satisfied with these first few, we will transfer as quickly as possible without losing quality.

It is our intent to have the majority of transfers completed within 3 months. With 100% transfer completion in 4 months. We shall inform you when we are done with your site so you may review it.

Newsletter Topics!

If you have not chosen to upgrade to ChrisLands Version 2 yet we strongly suggest you do! If you are waiting to be lower in the upgrade queue, we have plenty in the upgrade queue now. See more at our It's a Big Deal newsletter.

Read more about Updating to Version 2!

Please Read On!

Demo Update!

We have updated the demo site once again. We are nearly there but you may still see some errors. That is ok. We know about them. We are still testing.

Have a look:

Version 2 Demo -

You may add products to cart and walk through the checkout. You may login with the demo user below to see the entire checkout. You may also login and have a look around at the new control panel, located here:

Version 2 Demo - Control Panel -

Login with
Password: v2demouser

The database is refreshed every 15 minutes. If you are looking at the control panel at that time, you may be logged off.

Enjoy the Tour!

The Way Ahead

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss!

It takes a long time to take 17 year old code and bring it up to current standards. Much of our time rewriting code was spent in the back end code base. Consequently, if you went through the demo site, you may not think much.

However, after we launch Version 2 and even during site transfers, we intend to add many, many features you asked for (and waited so patiently) over the years, some that you did not ask for as well, such as:

  • Customer Support Improvement. Add full time customer support representative(s) who doubles as technical writer(s) and update our ticketing system.
  • Site Content Improvement. A little confusing now. Our goal is drag and drop, click to edit site design. There is more to do to get to this level.
  • Modern and Varied Themes. We only have one now, but many more are planned. Have the site your way!
  • Text Messaging Integration. Marketing and Order notification via text messaging.
  • FaceBook Store. Automated listing of your products on your facebook page.
  • Phone App. Sell inventory from your store's own phone app!
  • Shipping Integration. Integrate directly with UPS, FEDEX and whoever else is logical.
  • Integration. We shall integrate Vialibri search as well as any other logical search system.
  • Drop Ship Service and Fulfillment Center Integration. You get an order, the site tells a third party who ships the order.
  • Ability to Sell Download Items. Sell digital items securely from your website.
  • List Items without Images. Easily find the items that currently have no attached image.
  • Add Tax Functions. VAT and other improved tax support.
  • Shipping Integration. Integrate directly with UPS, FEDEX and whoever else is logical.
  • And Much More...

We have so much planned we cannot list all our future upgrades here. Rest assured, we are going to continously and regularly update ChrisLands Version 2 to support any and all features that makes sense.

Version 2 Fees

Some have asked about the fee rates for Version 2 so I included this section in this newsletter.

Reminder: Current store owners Fees Do Not Change! Again, you are grandfathered at your current fee rates. This section only applies to new stores who signup with ChrisLands after we publish Version 2 pre-signup. After we launch Version 2 pre-signup, we will no longer accept the return of previous stores. That is any returning store must register for Version 2.

Below is the currently planned fees for Version 2. This is just a summary and we will provide more details in the future. As you can see fees are updated for 2017.

Monthly Fees:
Up to 20,000 items
   - $69.00/month
Up to 40,000 items
   - $94.00/month
Up to 80,000 items
   - $119.00/month
Up to 200,000 items
   - $144.00/month

Stores with over 200,000 items, pay an additional $10.00 per each 20,000 item increment.

New store, one time Setup Fees.
Use a default theme with modified colors, images, and logos.
Semi Custom. Multiple page changes from a current theme.
Full Custom. Completely customized site design.

In a few days, we will stop taking Version 1 registration.

ChrisLands' The Next Generation

In case you have not seen ChrisLands' future, I'd like to introduce three new ChrisLands' team members with a very vested interest in seeing ChrisLands succeed.

Brayden Foster
Bachelors of Science
Computer Science, 2017

Brayden has become ChrisLands' Lead Developer. He has been working on ChrisLands' rewrite since the beginning.

Cody Fulcher
Bachelor of Science
Computer Science, 2017

Cody has been working on the ChrisLands' rewrite for nearly 10 months now. He has become invaluable to the team.

Sandhya Palle
Masters of Science
Computer Science, 2017

Sandhya is new to ChrisLands. We are excited to have her on our new team.

At the Office.

* We spared no expense on our office desks, I mean tables.

All of them want to see ChrisLands succeed and have great ideas on improving ChrisLands. Once we get Version 2 launched and tweaked, as needed, they have plans to start adding features.

These three are currently positioned to take ChrisLands far into the future with me! Actually I see these three forming the ChrisLands' core well into the future, even after I am gone.

Getting It Done

We are essentially done with the Version 2 upgrade. Don't get me wrong, we have more tweaking to do, but we are there. It's been a long hard road. Unfortunately, we do not have the time to take any kind of breather. We are moving on with more.

Help Keep Current Rates Low for a longer time by Upgrading to Version 2!


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