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This is just to announce some new products and to discuss fees.

Please read on!

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I might be a little old school.

I was driving down a busy road the other day and saw a young couple next to the road. The young man was on the wrong side of the young woman. I see this too often these days and, truthfully, it annoys me.

What is wrong with a little bit of chivalry?

I know, I know, we are modern and more progressive now. Right? Personally, I think we could keep some things from the past. Just My two cents.

What is That???

In This Newsletter!

In search of a method to keep ChrisLands viable and, maybe, earn a little extra revenue, we took a simple idea and created a simple service. Something that would not take much time away from ChrisLands. In several of our previous newsletters, I mentioned creating a Novelty Site. This is it!, a Scheduled Text Messaging Service!

It is simple. is a service that gives you the ability to write a text message and schedule it to arrive at a certain time. In the future of course! That is pretty much it.

Why schedule a text?

  • A reminder of a very important appointment.
  • You sit down and schedule all your childrens' and grandchildrens' birthday texts at one time!
  • Schedule Happy Anniversary texts to all your friends and family.
  • You run a business based on appointments, schedule a reminder for your client as you are making the appointment.
  • Just for Fun!
  • What reason can you think of?

This is a single user, single text service. We are creating a business version with contact list management to send texts or emails to a list of contacts all at one time.

You may not find a need for this and I completely understand that. However, anyone with a text capable phone may use this service. Maybe you know someone. If you do, please download our flyer, print it out, and give it to anyone who may be in interested in trying this out. We truly would appreciate your help!'s Flyer. Clicking this link may open the flyer or just download it to your computer.

Why the name MeTesto? Me Testo is Italian for Text Me! Pretty good name for this service. Don't ya think?

Please visit to learn more!


We now offer web hosting services to those who do not need a store, but they still need a place to put information on the Internet.

Please visit, Another way we turn your ideas into your websites!

ChrisLands' hosting experience started in May 2001. Over a decade of hosting experience. During this time, not only have we gained immense experience, we have also created an infrastructure ideal for hosting any website.

If you know anyone who needs a website but not an online store, please let them know. Whether it is a service oriented business looking to create a web page that promotes their business, an organization requiring the publication of information, or simply a person or group looking for a means to share their thoughts, ChrisLandsWeb can help them put their ideas on the Internet with their own website!

If you do know someone please download our flyer, print it out, and give it to anyone who may be interested. Again, we truly would appreciate your help!'s Flyer. Clicking this link may open the flyer or just download it to your computer.

If you know anyone who might want a website, tell them to use the Promotion/Coupon Code FiftyOff (that is Fifty Off with no space) to get $50.00 off their setup fee when they register. Again, that is FiftyOff!

Please visit!


Did you jump right down to this section, skipping everything above? If so, don't forget to go back up and read the rest.

We have added many features over the last year and we are planning on adding more. To do this, we are putting all our resources back into the company. I am sure you are familiar with the phrase "just making ends meet". That is ChrisLands. In order to facilitate new development, and add new and faster servers, we are raising our fees by $5.00 in September. That is four months from now. We have not raised fees in over six years.

This does not apply to you! You are grandfathered at your current fees. Read on....

Anyone who has a ChrisLands store, is in good standing on August 31, 2014 and stays with ChrisLands will not see any fee increase for at least the 12 months after August 31, 2014. Any fee increase after that 12 months will not exceed $1.50 for at least another 12 more months. That is at least 24 months, up to September 2016, of paying virtually the same fees you are paying now.

I have always said it is good to be with ChrisLands when changes occur. Its good to be grandfathered!

That is not the end though, on September 1, 2014 we are once again increasing your storage allowance and looking at other fees to adjust. You possibly could pay even less than you are paying now. Wait! This is still not the end. Everyone in good standing on August 31, 2014 and stays in good standing may (maybe, might, possibly, it depends) save an additional 5% on their monthly fees for the 12 months following August 31, 2014. What? How is that going to happen? Read on!

If 160 new stores sign up for ChrisLands service by August 31, 2014 every store new and old, will receive 5% off their fees for 12 months following August 31, 2014. This sounds like a lot, 160, but that is only 40 per month over the next four months. If each of you invites just one other person to look into ChrisLands we can easily reach that number. That count starts now and you can help!

To help you, help us, help you we have two things for you, a new signup promotion and some ChrisLands' flyers.

Tell anyone to use the Promotion/Coupon Code BeatIt (that is Beat It with no space) to get $50.00 off their setup fee when they register. Not only will they get a discount on the setup fee, they may also benefit from the 5% discount if we reach our goal! As long as they register before August 31, 2014.

If you know someone to give a flyer to or you are going someplace where there maybe some interests in ChrisLands, take one or both flyers from the links below with you. Clicking either of these links may open the flyer or just download it to your computer.

ChrisLands' Flyer
ChrisLands' Flyer Two

Remember the Promotion Code BeatIt for $50.00 off the setup fee!

Don't let one of your friends get stuck with the higher fees, tell them to BeatIt by registering before August 31, 2014! Don't Let Friends Pay Higher Fees! Also, ChrisLands supports virtually any product type as well as books. See stores selling other product types. So now........ Don't Let Any Friend Pay Higher Fees!

As always, we Thank You for any help you can provide!

It is absolutely the best time to have your own or to register for a store!

Last Words

In summary, today we launched a Scheduled Text Messaging Service and a non-store web hosting service. We also announced a fee increase in September that does not apply to current store owners.

Please don't forget our recent launch of Search millions of items from hundreds of indepedent stores. Support Independence!

A year ago, I acquired ChrisLands back determined to make ChrisLands better. I am still working with that as my motivation! Believe me, I'm still driving the same truck, living in the same house, and I am still paying myself that reduced salary (uuuggghhhhh). Yes, I am committed to ChrisLands and I hope you stay around to see my vision come true!

Have a great day!


Jaymes H. Sorbel - provides your organization with a simple, easy to use system for sending messages to your multiple recipients. - A service that gives you the ability to write a text message and schedule it to arrive at a certain date and time. - Search Millions of Items from Hundreds of Independent Stores! Support Independence!