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A Quickie

It has been a while since I have provided you an update on the happenings here at ChrisLands. So here is a really quick summary of what we are doing for you!

Rest assured, we continue to work hard! it is just that writing code and coordinating all of it does take time. I go back to wishing I could snap my fingers to bring my vision for ChrisLands into reality. Oh well.....

Coming in April

A New Manual
Landry is putting together a new manual for ChrisLands administration. The old manual has not been updated in years and this has forced him to learn the administration area more thoroughly. We hope to have it out for your review in early April. We will make changes upon your feedback.

Product Options
Soon you will be able to add options to your products. Many of you will not use this, but there are some of you who need to specify various options such as Sizes or Colors to certain items you are listing. This will allow more flexibility to list products.

Featured Product Site
We are almost done building a site (still need to test) that only lists featured items. A Featured Site only for Featured Items. There will be certain criteria that items must meet before it is listed. Additionally, instead of showing hundreds of items, we will only focus on a few Featured Items per day. We want to put as much focus on your featured products as possible for those days that it is listed. Stay tuned, more coming soon.

A Novelty Site
ChrisLands is a small little company and we are constantly pushing our resources to the max to accomplish our goals. Along those lines, we decided to work on a little novelty site that may help keep us "above water". We are very close to launching our little Novelty site. Many of you will not use it, some of you might think it is silly, some of you may think it is a cute idea, and some of you might use it (or know someone who will). We are very excited and I cannot wait to tell you more! Very, very soon......

Expanded Service
Very soon we are launching a service to host static, non-store websites. These sites will be ideal for businesses, individuals, or organizations that do not sell products. They are more service oriented.

After That

After we get the above projects completed, we already have other plans.

Items Without Tax
We are adding the ability to list items that are not taxable. If you specify something as not taxable, during checkout tax calculations will not include that item.

Stock Data Expansion
I am still working on stock data. I am in the processing of coordinating for a larger data set from the stock data provider including coverage of more ISBNs and larger product descriptions (more than 100 characters). I am still not charging for your use of the stock data. This will change after I get this larger dataset incorporated.

Responsive Design
As I have mentioned several times, we are rewriting the presentation layer of the ChrisLands stores to support HTML/CSS3 Responsive design. When this is complete, basically, your store will look good on any device from mobile phone to desktop monitor.


Over the last half of year, we have added numerous features. Here are links to a few of those new features if you have not been keeping up.

BrainTree Payment Processing - Decent Priced Credit Card Processing, read more here!

Recently Viewed Items - Show Recently Viewed Items on Shopping Cart, read more here! Read about Stock Data following that article.

Category Options and Related Items - Show Featured and New Items on Category Listing Pages, Show Related Items on Product Detail Pages, read more here!


As I said in my last newsletter. I come in everyday with the most sincere intent to to get 6 or 8 tasks complete. In many cases I'm lucky to get 2 or 3 of these tasks done, some other priority always seams to comes up.

Nancy told me the other day, "I wish you had a hobby besides work". I guess I am at the office too much. I cannot believe it is almost April!


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