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I wanted to put all the newsletters in one place. Here is an index of all Newsletters with a summary of what is in them! I've included our current tutorials at the bottom of this page.

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"Look at things not as they are, but as they can be. Visualization adds value to everything. A big thinker always visualizes what can be done in the future. He isn't stuck with the present."
- David J. Schwartz,
"The Magic of Thinking Big"

ChrisLands' Newsletters and Tutorials

Over the years I have written many newsletters. I believe they have a lot of good information. I have discovered many do not read my newsletters. Would you believe that??? Anyway, below are links to the newsletters with the best information

The newsletters listed below have something to do with running your store. All of our newsletters are listed in the left column. Read at your convenience.


Below the list of newsletters are two sections, one for ChrisLands' Store Administration Tutorials and Email Management Tutorials.

Everything in one spot, read them and I hope they help!


Each newsletter listed does have at least one section concerning managing or promoting your store.

Current Newsletter - Ready, Set, Go - Transfer to Version 2 Begins

  • Demo Update
  • The Way Ahead
  • V2 Fee Structure
  • New Generation
  • Getting It Done

Version 2 is A Big Deal - It's A Big Deal - Discussion of Version 2 Upgrading and Launch Date

  • The Big Deal
  • To Update
  • Demo Site with Control Panel
  • Updating

Holidays 2016 - Holidays 2016 - Discussion of Version 2 Front End Demo

  • Holidays 2016
  • Version 2 Demo
  • Get $100 Credit

Amazon Payments - 25% Off for 25 Months - in this newsletter we announce the 25% Off Fees for 25 Months Promotion

  • 25% Off Monthly Fees for 25 Months - You can do it!
  • Our New Theme System - Supports Many Themes
  • Amazon Payments - Review and Clarification

Amazon Payments - Amazon Payments - The primary topic in this newsletter was ChrisLands' support for Amazon Payments (Login and Pay).

  • Amazon Payments - No Setup, No Monthly, Low Per Transaction
  • Accepting Payments at Your Store - More is Better!
  • Email Service Providers - SPAM Policies

4th Of July - MeTesto Professional - This primarily discussed our launch of MeTesto Professional, a Business Text Message Management Service. Me Testo is Text Me in Italian.

New Processor - Braintree Payments - This discusses the support for A payment processor with no monthly fees, no setup fees and only per transaction fees. Supports Many Countries!

  • Braintree Payments - No Monthly Fees, NO Setup Fees
  • Paypal IPN Issues
  • Review of New Features (stock data, related items, etc..)

Category Options - New and Featured - The primary announcement here is new features for your category listings such as New and Featured Items listed on category pages.

  • New and Featured on Category Listing Pages
  • Related Items on Product Pages
  • Stock Data - Integrate with Images and Other Data
  • Call to Action - Ideas for "call to action" links at your store.

The Move - New Office - Here we talk about our move to a new office and call to action ideas.

  • New Office - Lower Price, Closer to Home
  • Call to Action - Ask Your Customers to Do Something!

Mobile Email - Phone Compatible Email - If you are using Mailbox Type IMAP email accounts, you can check it on your mobile phone..

  • Mobile Email - Check email with your phone!
  • Keywords - Use Keywords in Your Store

These next Newsletter are "Very Old" but with some good Info! Please note, not all information is still valid. What I specifically mention below should still be a good read. Other sections in these newsletter not specifically linked to, just ignore.

Store Sitemaps - Submit to Google and Bing - This discusses submitting your Store's Sitemap to Bing Webmaster Tools. I have not written about this, but similar steps as Bing Webmaster tools also work for Google Webmaster Tools. You may have to login. Submit Your Sitemaps Today!

Marketing Your Store - Email and More... - A good read for some information on marketing your store.


More Marketing - Sales and Keywords - This covers more marketing topics.

  • Sales Pricing - Per Category
  • Email Customers - Communicate!
  • Keywords (again) - They are important!
  • Going Local - Google and Yahoo, Bing??

I hope you find something useful in these newsletters!

Store Administration Tutorials

ChrisLands Manual - Administration Manual (draft) - This is not pretty but it does cover virtually the entire store administration area.

Upload Images - Images for Products - I have sent these instructions to many store owners. Here they are now for everyone. This discusses uploading images for your products to your store.

Store Ready - Get Set, Go! - This is an email we send to newly completed stores with some more information. We try to provide as much as possible. Of course, you have to read it.

Shipping Methods - Configure Shipping! - How to configure shipping in your store's administration.

Email Tutorials

Manage Email - Manage Email Accounts - An overview of managing emails for your ChrisLands' store. Includes links to a few tutorials below.

Email Account Administration - Manage Email Accounts - ChrisLands Email Administration to manage all your email accounts for your store.

Incoming Email - Incoming Emails - How to configure your email client (Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc) to receive incoming emails for Mailbox type email accounts only.

Outgoing Email - Outgoing Emails - How to configure your email client (Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc) to send outgoing emails for Mailbox type email accounts only.

ChrisLands Webmail - ChrisLands Webmail - You can check your email (mailbox accounts) on the Internet.

In Review!

Our system is fairly complete with lots of features you may use. We hope that the newsletters and tutorials listed on this page help you to understand some of these features.

We intend to add to this page as often as possible.


Jaymes H. Sorbel - provides your organization with a simple, easy to use system for sending messages to your multiple recipients. - A service that gives you the ability to write a text message and schedule it to arrive at a certain date and time. - Search Millions of Items from Hundreds of Independent Stores! Support Independence!