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Fee Increase Delayed

We wanted to explain why the decision to delay our Fee Increase. We believe we have a good reason. Please read below for more.

Newsletter Topics!

Again, this is very brief. it should not take long to read. Enjoy!

Fee Increase Delayed

Two weeks ago we found out that on August 31, 2014, was closing its doors for good after twenty years of operation. Being a small business ourselves as well as a business that deals primarily with booksellers, we certainly understood how difficult this decision must have been. We were sorry to hear this news.

Of course we contacted their stores and offered them a store with us.

The last few days, I started to realize that some may need more than two weeks to decide. August is also a popular vacation month. Therefore, we have delayed our Fee Increase until October 1, 2014. We wanted to give them time to register with ChrisLands before our fee increase so it does not affect them.

We are also keeping the BeatIt promotion going through the month of September. Now others may benefit as well!

Checkout the BeatIt Promotion for more!

Need Your Help

ChrisLands is not in the same position as UKBookWorld. We are working hard to keep everything going. However, like most of you, our fortunes (and future) rise and fall with the rise and fall of the book selling world. There are always hard decisions to make, what hardware can we afford, what really needs to be updated, what coding must be done now, what can wait, and those ever present bills to pay.

As we also mentioned in previous newsletters, we worked on and completed some side projects to buttress our defenses. Additionally, I found that I have had to focus more than usual on marketing this summer. I don't know about you, but it takes me a long time to create ads for print and the web. This keeps me from other, more important, projects I'd rather be working on.

I know, all part of operating a business. The same as all of you.

However, you can keep me coding!!!

Please tell someone you know who needs a web store about and our BeatIt Promotion. If each of you told just one person about who sells a product and does not have their own web store, we support many product types, then you would keep me in my chair working with my code editor virtually everyday!

Please tell someone about today. It is a Win Win for everyone!

Social Media Service

We have finally launched our Social Media Service!

Landry has completed two courses on Social Media Marketing. The instructor told the class:

If you have a website but not a Facebook page, you are doing it wrong. If you have a Facebook page but not a website you are doing it wrong. To do it right, you need both a website and a Facebook page.

To find out more about our Social Media Service or to register for the service, as the Store Administrator, at your store do the following:

Login -> Administration -> Marketing (left menu) -> ChrisLands Social Media Management (link on page)


ChrisLands Search: is a search engine for ChrisLands store owners' products. It is meant to be a simple site, nothing too complicated, with the hopes of directing traffic to your stores. See more about this at your store, as the administrator:

Login -> Administration -> Marketing (left menu first page of admin ) -> Search Engines for Books

Help each other out, if you are looking for an item, make your first place to search! Plus better fees, to our knowledge, than any other similar service. Help each other sell more items while keeping more for yourself! Solidarity! Tell a friend!

Stock Data: Use stock data and images. If you want to see more about Stock Data and Images, you can see more at your store, as the Store Administrator, do the following:

Login -> Administration -> Inventory (top menu) -> Stock Data (left menu)

As per our previous newsletter this is the last month for half priced setup fees and full pricing goes into affect October 1, 2014.

Recently Viewed Items: You may now choose to display Recently Viewed Items on your Shopping Cart page.

Find out more at the Recently Viewed Announcement

New, Featured, and Related: We have added the option to display New and/or Featured Items on the category listing pages, We've also added the ability to display related items on the product detail page.

Find out more at the New and Featured Announcement

The Future!

Summer is Basically Over! My mind and all our minds are fully back in the game. We have a lot going on and will continue to work hard for you.

We intend to be here for a long time, well into the future, with a continually improving product and service!

Have a Great Fall!


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