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Happy Birthday!

Celebrating 10 Years of Serving Booksellers!

Ten years ago, Lance Christen and Jaymes Sorbel launched The idea for ChrisLands started in 1999 when they began two years researching the online used book selling market. Lance, with a background in business administration, focused his research on the business aspects of the online used book market and Jaymes, with computer science experience, focused his research and work on developing a website application specifically for selling used books.

Back then, $2000 to develop an online used bookstore was not an exorbitant price. It could take a software programmer several weeks or more to build a store tailored to sell used books. Software programmers built stores from scratch and each bookstore that was built was a brand new creation.

Jaymes and Lance intended to offer a service that was easy and affordable for any independent bookstore to use, filling a void they saw for independent booksellers. And that is what they did. In May of 2001, they launched!

We are so proud of many things here at ChrisLands.

Customer Support!

Since the beginning we have made customer support a top priority. In the beginning if you emailed or called you would get one of the founders (Lance) to answer your questions and our goal was to answer as quickly as possible. To this day, whether you call, email, or submit a support ticket you still get one of the founders (Jaymes) to answer your questions and we still have the goal of answering as quickly as possible.

A little known fact is that ChrisLands is named after Jaymes' children, Christina and Landry. Jaymes has and continues to grow and support ChrisLands as if it were one of his own children. You don't let your children down and Jaymes feels that way about supporting ChrisLands' store owners.

System Growth!

In May of 2001, the ChrisLands' system was a basic ecommerce system designed with booksellers in mind. Over the course of the last ten years we have added so many features we do not remember them all. But here are a few of them:

All of our additions we added to the system without charging an upgrade or a per module fee as many services do today. We still are developing today and have a long list of features we are looking forward to adding in the future and we will continue not to charge any additional upgrade or per module fee.

Our Reliability!

During development we submit new features to in depth testing process. However, on top of that, our system has been in place for 10 years being used by thousands of store owners and even more customers making it both stable and reliable. Our system has been put through the paces!

As for our hardware platform, we made a conscious decision early on to use only the most reliable hardware we could afford. All of our servers are now on enterprise grade Dell servers. We have found these to be incredible machines. Additionally, we spend a small fortune on locating the hardware in a high end network operation center with battery and generator backup for power, fire suppression, multiple bandwidth providers, and 24 hour monitoring.

Still the Lowest Price!

Based on the comparison of other sites that offer similar services, which we know of, we are by far the lowest priced! After ten years ChrisLands still provides quality services and the lowest prices!


We could go on but none of this would be possible without you! You are the only reason for any success ChrisLands has had over the last decade.

Thank You!

We sincerely Thank You for trusting us with your ecommerce website. We look forward to providing you with the same great service for many years to come! Thank You for a Great 10 Years!



Jaymes H. Sorbel
President / Founder

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First Stores

Listed below are the stores that have been with us since the first week, 10 Years Ago!
Store #8
Founded: May 4 2001
Seneca Valley Books, May 4, 2001
Store #9
Founded: May 5 2001
Frugal Family Books, May 5, 2001
Store #11
Founded: May 6 2001
Mostly Romance, May 6, 2001 - provides your organization with a simple, easy to use system for sending messages to your multiple recipients. - A service that gives you the ability to write a text message and schedule it to arrive at a certain date and time. - Search Millions of Items from Hundreds of Independent Stores! Support Independence! - Our traditional (not ecommerce) website hosting service! Use our experience!